Zhengzhou friends bought 170 thousand nouveau riche as the first person in Henan online shopping mmc.exe

Zhengzhou friends bought 170 thousand nouveau riche into the first Henan high-speed rail express to join the online shopping "double eleven" gold Zhou Dongfang today reported · news reporter Li Xinhua photo; mammoth Oriental Daily News · news reporter Li Ling mission in Shenzhen; the mammoth in Henan this year 11 performance? Last year, Henan people in the eleven double 1 hours squandered $900 million this year, a breakthrough of $1 for $1 billion 240 million. 2014 double 11 Henan online shopping transaction volume of about 2 billion yuan, but last year to 23:00, Henan people to buy enough of $3 billion 400 million. Henan is also the first retail sales into the country’s top ten. This year, as of 12:00:00, Henan trading volume of 3 billion 22 million yuan, ranking the country’s top tenth. What are you buying? According to the big data provided by Tmall at 23 yesterday, this year, Henan’s most popular products: mobile phones, down jacket, wool coat, flat screen TV, boots, facial care. Gender and age distribution: female 59%, male, age of majority in 26~35 years old between. According to data released by the Jingdong store yesterday, 0:00-12:00 Jingdong accumulated orders Top5 category for mobile phone, flat screen TV, baby diapers, wipes, paper products, washing machine. According to the data released by suning.com 6 points yesterday, milk and milk powder, become Henan consumer "key", of which four dairy products occupy the sales of the top four, but this kind of mobile phone, tablet mobile products, has occupied sixth to tenth. And this year’s online shopping also nouveau riche finally returned to Zhengzhou, a Zhengzhou customer orders a total amount of 174 thousand and 100 in suning.com, Henan has become the largest single purchase orders in the suning. In the rural online shopping, a Tesco Changyuan County Service Station dual 11 day break 1 million, way ahead of other sites. As of 12:00:002016 Tmall double 11 global Carnival of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) turnover of TOP10: in Guangdong Province: 9281357852.7015 Zhejiang Province: 7875921218.6198 Jiangsu Province: 7567001712.5883 Shanghai: 6302147147.5573 Beijing: 4529827448.7047 Shandong Province: 4001392268.562 Sichuan Province: 3473624656.6484 Hubei Province: 3310110862.3286 Fujian Province: 3153262252.4422 Henan Province: 3022185858.253 (unit: yuan) – related news Railway Express leads "golden week business" Zhengzhou goods up to Harbin Oriental Daily News reporter Meng Ma ·   relaxation 8:14 on November 11th, Zhengzhou east to Harbin West G1264 times high-speed trains, slowly from Zhengzhou East station. This high-speed rail train is the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau sent to the northeast of the first class high相关的主题文章: