Zhang Yixing wrote a birthday attack at the age of 25 composition; Thanksgiving Xing fans and viper12a

Zhang Yixing wrote a birthday attack at the age of 25   composition; Thanksgiving Xing fans and mother talked about the growth of Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Yixing wrote a birthday 25 years old Xing Ying composition Thanksgiving and mother Zhang Yixing wrote many talked about the growth at 25 years old birthday. Thanksgiving and mother talked about the growth of Zhang Yixing Xing fan wrote a birthday composition of Thanksgiving mother, October 7th, "sheep" Zhang Yixing ushered in his 25 birthday. Morning, Zhang Yi Long birthday on Xingfa touch for Xing fans and mother talk about learning, life and growth, finally did not forget the quips "you said my birthday composition, write is what ghost". The full text is as follows: today is my birthday. In October 7th now I must also in busy what but also want to write to you to see these time-honored Thanksgiving to thank my fans this year is the 12 year of Xing Xing fan was born of this title is not really easy not easy to thank you. Thank you for making my birthday thank you for the support of my loan every piece of LED thank you in my name to do charity (I hope you can write his own name, and later tell others you are my fan Xing) thank you for your love and I thank you for your support and I thank you for writing to me thank you for letting me see thank you for your shadow guard my where… (for a concert in Hangzhou to sing the song Happy birthday leaders don’t look at hard to sing you the most shining). Not done too much here there will not be one by one (or not written: Mao Siyuan Qiu Ye, commissioning editor) original title: Zhang Yixing, 25 years old at Thanksgiving painting composition Xing fan and mother talked about the growth mother 20 years before my birth mother is also let me check the Kung Fu is not really easy but recently I found my mom is a wonderful presence of her when I was with you and talk to you whether you have been listening to her opening the end then you I feel noisy then you think she knows what ah and then you think you are in fact her old pipe she had you afraid you can’t hear us are not bow to the family did not. There is too much eye contact with a headset that she only hope with loud and clear voice tell her the truth can make it into a few to your ears accidentally transferred to the brain of her only hope you. Sometimes she really doesn’t understand, but she’s on her side and wants to protect you. You are her because she can’t see you in her current look in her wise remark of an experienced person outside into the fight there is no sense of security if you go astray or on her. (this is me with my own, ha) and she will be our angel in our real helpless belong to our harbor (here is the responsibility of mothers) my mother used to say mother can’t practice mom is not perfect when the mother is a lifetime thing I hope happy)相关的主题文章: