You have an apple brain in your iPhone, do you feel the deep intelligence (video) face gossip

You have an apple brain in your iPhone, do you feel the deep intelligence? [editor’s note] technology Tencent Google (micro-blog) the artificial intelligence method, the dog (AlphaGo) beat the human chess championship to seize the limelight, but Apple seems it has not seen as much as in the field of AI, that is what kind of? U.S. science and technology industry veteran Stephen • • • (Steven Levy) recently interviewed a number of Apple executives and Siri Department of computer scientists, by showing them the progress and achievements in the field of apple AI. Artificial intelligence has actually changed Apple’s product roadmap. The following is a summary of the article: in July 30, 2014, apple Siri for brain transplantation". Three years ago, apple integrated intelligent assistant into the operating system, when it was the first to do so big technology companies. Siri was originally an independent application, apple acquired the application in 2010 and the team created. The initial response to Siri was a surprise, but in the next few days, users grew impatient with its shortcomings. Most of the time Siri makes an error in the order. Apple has made some fine-tuning, but it is still not solve the problem. Therefore, to the end of July 2014, apple Siri mobile voice recognition function (this refers to the American system, users of its global version is launched in August 15, 2014) moved to a system based on neural network. Some previous techniques are still continuing to use (including the "hidden Markov model"), but now, this system is the use of machine learning techniques, including deep neural network (DNN), LSTM, GRU, convolutional neural network, and n-gram. After the user to upgrade the software, Siri does not seem to be the same as before, but now, its power comes from the depth of learning technology. Apple did not announce these developments, because competitors may be able to find out its ideas, so Apple will not publicly announce such progress. If the user is aware of it, it is only because the Siri is now less error. In fact, apple said it improved the accuracy of amazing. "Some progress has been so dramatic that you might even suspect that someone has made a mistake for a decimal point and want to test it again." Addie, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services Cue (Eddy) said. People’s impression of Apple’s AI has never been an article before the disclosure of such a change in Siri, so this article may make people in artificial intelligence (AI) sector was shocked. It is beyond all expectations improved neural network system (neural network will certainly bring improvement), but apple is so good at doing this without showing feelings. Apple Corp has recently stepped up recruitment of AI talents, also made some high-profile acquisitions, may only allow observers to change, before they have been felt in the tech industry’s most competitive areas, which play the best of these powerful AI tools, the Apple Corp landed in the wind. Because Apple has always been tight lipped, AI!相关的主题文章: