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Female students in Wuhan to fly to Dubai as a tour guide for monthly salary of over a million yuan Washington (reporter correspondent Li Fang Wen Jun Ning legend) yesterday, back to his alma mater Wuhan International Trade University in Dubai for one year to teach younger brother, Yuan Wen, her work experience. Yuan Wen is 21 years old, Wuhan, the school Exhibition for students of grade 13, now Dubai overseas travel agency (the largest local Chinese travel agency), she was the first student was admitted to the Dubai travel agency. In addition to professional and technical skills, she has also repeatedly become representatives held in Hubei and Hongkong and other places of Taekwondo and gains the championship in China and South Korea exchange match, 14 years to become the fourth Paris international fashion week Chinese contest model, this year, she passed the Dubai examination, but now there is a qualified guide. "I started studying Taekwondo from 12 years old, learning for 8 years, and as far as models are concerned, I’m only interested in it." In order to successfully enter the foreign travel agency, she often read the tour guide books, learning english. At the end of May last year, she joined the Dubai overseas travel agencies and two other students of the interview, she answered the interviewer’s questions fluently, in talent shows itself admission rate is very low under the condition. Last September 27th, she flew to Dubai. At the beginning, we can only learn with the group, 8 people live together, porridge every morning to eat mustard tuber. In order to be able to take independent tours as soon as possible, she carefully explained the words on the local tour route, and exercised her ability to take group tours and adapt herself to circumstances. Two and a half months later, Yuan Wen independently with tours to walk in Dubai and various tourist attractions, tour time, the total will inevitably have some problems, such as the guests did not hear the venue during the trip and got lost, visa detained, need very strong ability to adapt, let customer satisfaction. "You can’t be outstanding, but you must have the ability to solve all kinds of problems." She said. Today, her monthly salary of over 10000, for the future, she has already planned, "I want to strive to accumulate more professional skills and practical experience."."

武汉女大学生飞到迪拜当导游 每月薪资过万元   本报讯(记者李芳 通讯员君文 宁传奇)昨天,在迪拜工作一年的袁文回到母校武汉商贸职业学院,为学弟、学妹讲授工作经验。   袁文是武汉人,21岁,该校会展专业13级学生,现在迪拜海外旅行社(当地最大的华人旅行社)工作,她是该校首个被迪拜旅行社录取的学生。   除了专业技术过硬,她还曾多次成为代表参加在湖北和香港等地举办的跆拳道和在中韩交流赛中斩获冠军,14年成为第四届巴黎中国国际时装周大赛模特,今年,她通过了迪拜导游考试,现在更是一名合格的导游。“我从12岁开始学习跆拳道,学了8年,至于模特只是业余爱好。”   为能顺利进入国外旅行社工作,她经常看导游方面的书籍,学习英语。去年5月底,她和另外两位同学一起参加迪拜海外旅行社的视频面试,她流利地回答了面试官的问题,在录取率很低的情况下脱颖而出。   去年9月27日,她飞往迪拜。刚开始只能跟团学习,8个人住在一起,每天早上煮粥吃榨菜。为了尽早能够独立带旅行团,她认真地背当地旅游路线讲解词,锻炼自己带团旅游和随机应变的能力。   两个半月后,袁文独立带着旅行团行走于迪拜各个旅游景点,带团的时候,总免不了会有一些问题,如客人在旅行中没有听到集合地点而走失,签证被扣等,都需要很强的随机应变能力,让客人满意。“你可以不出众,但一定要有解决各种问题的能力。”她说。   如今,她每月薪资过万,对于未来,她早已规划好,“我要努力积累更多专业技能和实战经验。”相关的主题文章: