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Software Word press has be.e the facto for developing Content Management System. Few year ago when inter. was at its starting, businesses found a new way of marketing their product and services via websites. Innovation and standardization of HTML and CSS made Inter. more popular than anything. As the time passed new innovations and technologies immerged and transform the entire User Accessibility towards inter.. The technologies microsoft … Java, Python, PHP etc poured dynamic features and let people program the websites. This were the technologies which revolutionize the Digital World but also gave a space for few technologies which were termed as Open Source. WordPress has been introduced in the market with as a part of Open Source technologies where people can freely use it and launch their website. So a question arises that what is so special about WordPress, as there are many other Open Source technologies available. The answer is very simple, WordPress has been design a breakthourgh architecture of PHP and MySQL which can be used by any novice and use it very easily. The simplicity of the architecture also helps the developers and designers to modify It according to ones need. WordPress is having virtually 3 different parts which consist, Presentation Layer, Logic Layer and Data Layer. Presentation Layer stands for what we see. Logic Layer is the codes and Data Layer is the Database that word press uses to empower the websites. WordPress uses the theme mechanism where you can easily achieve the desired Layout and integrate with your design and launch it. It requires a little understanding but any person who is not having a very strong background. WordPress is having a world best Admin Panel which is simpler and more effective having a good permission level support as well. A Capability of creating unlimited pages makes it more standard package of usage for the content management system design and Development. SEO friendly: – WordPress has integrated several functions depending on the paradigm of search engines that make SEO platform. Generally search engines like WordPress sites as these sites are always updated with the help of plug-ins to get the maximum exposure to search engines. Apart from these features easy installation, easy updation, high security, spam protection, bookmarklets, flexibility and scalability are important features to insert the moon in praise of WordPress. So if you feel that WordPress is a very important platform for your online business, then, experts from India can help you greatly. As specialists in India is a global .anization that has very dedicated and experienced development team WordPress and Design. Experts from India have a divergent range of services that include custom WordPress blog, WordPress CMS Development, WordPress Theme Design, WordPress adaptation at very affordable price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: