Wood love painting piece of inspiration for friends of the water claiming turret x Tu Mu sayu-02

Wood love painting: piece of inspiration for friends of the water claiming turret X map wood he is DOTA2 the soul of painter, his vivid cartoon, his sparkling discourse. He is our favorite water friends DOTA theme drawing Master, claiming the turret X timber circles. Hello everyone I am mywood, Beijing, just graduated in the University for a period of time in the original game company, now he set up a small studio, usually doing what the painting design. I play the game Tetris is the earliest, most NES play. Then the white machine "FF2" and "gods" and "three" the longest play boy. After playing MD for a period of time, the love is playing under the "youyoubaishu" "langrisser 2". After xintianli VCD last weekend every day with friends to play "street" fire explosion. After that the mosquito host DC "spawn" "Dream Star". PS2 unparalleled C machine can not network time in addition to playing "KOF", "Diablo 2", "three beat" also love to play a "ancient civilization" the king of battle chess (the wood brother is a game Master ah). My first contact with DOTA was in 0708 years, when I was playing World of Warcraft, I saw my classmates playing RPG, DOTA was one of them, and then they played together. 10 years later when the stepmother 10 crown became stepmother powder, so after 11 years to finish the race for the TI1 DOTA2 account, I played a few games, mainly in painting model, the hero, of course I will not tell you is because the computer is very card to slag. Now in addition to DOTA also play Warcraft and Diablo 3, as if the end of the play is relatively small, recently playing some Steam games. DOTA2 ladder also hit, but the technology is relatively food, only half of the points at Bryant barrage, hero Pom, Daniel and ES, is not to look operation are more elegant? In fact, just because these heroes are zoned. Contact DOTA gaming because it was WAR3, star game I do not understand (people operating too fast to see). DOTA will be a little more concise (though we started off with each other without a messenger). Then, because the game is a team game, and several friends to play together, at full bromance, so remove the overflow of adolescent hormones is also in line with the single youth desire. Moreover, the game took a lot of people in the international tournament champion, patriotic powder to meet. So, slowly in love with the DOTA, chose to love. One of the most impressive games I’ve ever seen is EHOME playing clay doll, WGT’s game is like, the last crown in the 10 crown of the. At that time B uncle is still in the game. BURNING nightgaunt (NATURAL) water pre fill knife dashun. The late phantom with the group playing the meat mountain, push yourself mud baby central highlands. Konoe’s shadow in the middle high guard. B water turn all sensitive, not out of a shadow BKB is empty a second, and then to Konoe. In addition to EHOME I also like OB’s 566, LGD’s Plush duck, IG’s BURNING, and EHO)相关的主题文章: