Wood Ceramics Fantastic optical illusion sculpture unfccc

Wood? Ceramics? The fantastic optical illusion sculptor Christopher David White is known for his ceramic works, but his ceramic works are often called a fantastic optical illusion. It’s hard to believe that they are made of pottery, because the clay sculptures made of them look like rotten wood or cardboard! Yes, these visual effects showed incredible artistic skills, David White using a variety of hybrid techniques which make his works seem complicated, and under this premise, the artist also wanted to transform this illusion to express their views on the nature and life: "I tried to expose the beauty will eventually become rotten. It makes me believe that change is eternal, but persistence is an illusion, I played with the illusion of sculpture, also want people to correctly view the life cycle." Currently, David White has created nearly 14 new sculptures, this year, they will soon appear in the Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art art exhibition, opened in September 1, 2016, continued until the year October 1st.   source: China Public Art Network相关的主题文章: