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Wonderful River Master: there are two kinds of happiness in the world you learned? I often feel do not pay a return (source: information) [ask] often feel they are not paid in return for others, often results in disappointment and sadness, how to adjust the state of mind, please monk compassion discovery. [wonderful] Jiang mage we came to the Mount Wutai, to the world a happy two: one is contentment, one is helping others. Foreign to helping others, for others to do something. Can do things for others, that we have the ability and the kindness, the idea of giving, because giving will let each other produce happiness, so helping others. To be satisfied with, contented, contentment is happiness, with no joy. So, in the past, the work to look up, look down on life, this is a kind of happy psychology, with this happy psychology you are happy everywhere. Our temple, the place where the meal is called five view hall? Look at our virtue, is to eat this bowl of rice, there is no virtue to eat this bowl of rice, so it is necessary to look at themselves, do not look at the side. So contentment is happy, there is no happiness without satisfaction. [introduction] master Miao Jiang master, a Buddha was born in 1952 in Shanxi province Yanggao County of family, 1968 annual Datong Yungang reservoir through the mage tonsure, 1980 went to Mount Wutai, a year after the sangha. 1982 to Nanjing Qixia Temple by learning, Ming Shan old master education. The old monk Shou Ye 1995 awarded the "Bishan Temple" volume, Ren Bishan Temple abbot, abbot of Mount Wutai in the mountain. Currently the vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, President of the Buddhist Association of Shanxi province Mount Wutai Bishan Temple abbot, abbot of bamboo. Phoenix Buddhism "Prajna forum" column published today as master discovery.相关的主题文章: