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Women’s pants pocket sandwich possession Tiejing train station in Suzhou see through September 13th, a woman from Guangxi Lee in his pocket sandwich containing 8.6 grams of drugs k powder, just under the train, is the Suzhou Railway Station police seized. Day at 1 am, Shanghai Railway Public Security Department Suzhou Railway Station police station Wang Jian, Zhang Yuan patrol station underground exit. At this time, the train from Shanghai to Fuyang K8362 train station, as a result of outbound passengers more, two police officers came to the exit of the organization of 4 outbound passenger order. See the police officer Wang in the passenger crowd, there is a small young woman appears somewhat dull eyes, his face is very poor. Out of concern, the king immediately stepped forward to ask the police officer’s physical condition. In front of the woman, the woman found that although face gloomy, but the mental state more excited, police officer Wang suspects that it is caused by drugs. At the moment, and a police officer Wang winked. The woman was questioned. During the period, he always deliberately evade the crucial point, look the other way, it is very suspicious, it will take them to the police duty room for further inquiry. According to the investigation, the woman surnamed Li, 22 years old this year, Guangxi Zhuang people had drug convictions. Thus, the police came to the female staff, carried out on their personal and carry goods inspection. Sure enough It is as expected in their jeans, left pocket interlayer, the staff found a bag of white crystal powder. Lee explained that this powder is commonly known as the "drug k powder", she was in Nanning to buy 10 grams, from Nanning to Suzhou before he had tried once, left about 8 grams of drugs. Lee never thought, he got off the train out of the station, was found iron police caught. Extended video: Burma 16 year old woman in possession of 3 kilograms of moon cake was arrested by Kunming police (video has nothing to do with the original, for extended reading) search相关的主题文章: