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Why can’t you take care of your children? Why can’t you just take care of your children? Even beaten also of no avail. In the face of the children’s self-control ability is not strong, positive guidance in our education is ineffective, punishment is necessary, but the punishment should not just simply play in punishment when we should have more skills and principles. Why do children make the same mistake over and over again? Many parents in the face with a wrong child, the first would patiently pointed out that the second time will be a little emotional, perhaps third times can still bite tolerance, but if the child did not make the same mistakes again, many parents could not help but shot. The question is, why do children make the same mistake over and over again? Why are they "don’t remember"? Because the memory is not good? The lesson is not hard enough? I do not think that the reason why the child will not repent, a very easy to ignore the reason is that children do not know where the wrong. Most of the time, parents may feel that the reasons for punishing children at a glance, and the fact is often the child is not clear why they will be punished. The child was only the parents of the majesty of the shock to the point of concern on the parents’ anger, eager to admit mistakes, and did not seriously reflect and think. They will only consider the next time before you do, do it, will not be beaten? Why am I not beaten? The children to make mistakes in mang, more careful, do not know what wrong behavior. Do children have to be punished for making mistakes? Mr. Tao Xingzhi at the time when the headmaster, one day in the playground to see a boy holding a half brick to hit another classmate, he immediately stopped the students, the students immediately put a brick on the ground. Before leaving, he allowed the child to go to his office after ten minutes. After a while, Tao Xingzhi came back, took out a piece of candy to the boy said: "this is the reward for your sugar." The boy is full of eye question mark, dare not answer, Tao Xingzhi says: "this candy rewards you respect teacher. I saw you hit, stop you. You put the brick down. You respect the teacher." The president then took second pieces of said: "this is the reward for you." The child is still confused, or afraid to answer. Tao Xingzhi then said: "I just let you 10 minutes later to the principal room, now less than 10 minutes, this candy reward you to comply with the time." The child was more surprised. Then Tao Xingzhi took third pieces of said: "this piece of candy or reward for you." Children still don’t understand. Tao Xingzhi then said: "I have to do a survey, you hit the boy because he bullied female classmate, you have a sense of justice, courageous. This candy reward you for." At this time the child cried and said: "the headmaster, anyway, I hit the wrong, I was wrong." The headmaster took fourth pieces of said: "you have the initiative to admit mistakes, our conversation is over." What do you think of the story? If you want to see in the children with a brick hit when the estimated to be furious heavy-hearted, right? Error in the treatment of children.相关的主题文章: