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What stick autumn fat: too much meat spoils   not fermented food less food channel — people.com.cn folk known as the autumn stick autumn fat traditional. Stick autumn fat from the lower the standard of living, at that time, people lack of food, rarely eat meat, less fat, and on hot summer days, no air conditioning fan, loss of appetite, subcutaneous fat and cut a muscle layer, due to heat loss. Until the beginning of autumn, the heat loss of appetite, recovery, remind yourself to eat. A rich autumn food; two cooler weather, to warm the body fat reserves.   the traditional stick autumn fat is to eat animal food and pasta, such as stew, fried dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, braised fish in soy sauce. But "fat" is fat, modern people really have high rates of obesity, in the autumn to give yourself put on a few pounds? In fact, instead of eating food, rather than according to the needs of the complement of the following recommended several good food stick autumn fat:   leafy green vegetables and orange vegetables. In the summer Vegetable & Fruit melons, such as cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon, overall, carotenoids (can be converted into vitamin A in the body), vitamin B content is low. Autumn, vitamin A reserve, if not promptly added, the problem in the winter and spring prone to dark eyesight, dry eyes, respiratory tract infection, also easy to cause the lack of folic acid and vitamin B. Eat more leafy green vegetables and orange vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, pumpkin, Gai Lan, you can solve this problem.   fermented food. In summer people often eat cold food, loss of appetite, and sweet drinks, gastrointestinal digestive function is weak. Therefore, the weight is light, the indigestion fall should be appropriate to eat nutritious and help digest food, such as fermented food (all kinds of fermented flour food, fermented glutinous rice, fermented black bean, soybean paste, soybean milk, yogurt, etc.). Fermentation, under the action of microorganisms, food produces a large number of B vitamins, trace elements and a variety of active substances can be better absorbed by the human body.   potato. Potato food rich in vitamin B and potassium, magnesium and other minerals, rich in dietary fiber, can improve gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity. And modern research suggests that they can be used as a staple food to prevent chronic diseases, such as hypertension. Autumn is the season of potato production, can replace part of white rice, is a very good health food.   eggs. Although the eggs contain cholesterol, but its nutritional advantages can not be ignored. Eggs contain high quality protein, fatty acids, 12 vitamins, rich in lecithin, all nutrients should be appropriate to add the autumn. Moreover, eggs, high digestibility, light cooking, gastrointestinal burden is small, especially the important source of nutrition for children. Studies have shown that healthy people eat a yellow egg every day, will not lead to increased cholesterol; diabetic patients within 4 weeks per week do not have to worry about. Nuts. Every 1 tablespoons of nut is not only beneficial to heart health, but also provide vitamin E and a variety of trace elements. But after the autumn climate is dry, best not to eat too much fried too dry nuts, recommended flavor raw food, or spiced boiled, baked light.  )相关的主题文章: