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Wang Lei "hero" Avatar pin poison expert anger – Sohu Wang Lei Yuan Shuai entertainment entertainment Sohu directed by the famous director Mao Weining, Wang Chenggang screenwriter, Yan Yuanwanglei Deng Jiajia, Jo Jo young, the strength of the theme of war drama ", led by fury hero" starring in September 7th will be landing in Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV prime time broadcast. The "Indelible designation" "standard" "ten" "red army sent iron in burning" and other hit drama of the war for the audience like Yan Yuanwanglei, the incarnation of "pin poison soldier" Yuan Shuai, Buweijianxian, Yan brain, emotion Shigeyoshi, bold and crafty. The chaos, one side is the interests of the state, one side is how he will interpret brotherly affection, "justice" and "friendship" "moral", it is worth looking forward to. The big brother "righteousness" as the first man turned hero series as the flag pin poison successor as "anger hero" was not only a "flag" cast more, after three years of painstaking build a new story. The play tells the story of the Japanese invaders in Shanghai during the period of the island and the puppet king of China’s Secret sale of opium, was Yuan Shuai, Guan Shuang, led by the story of youth resistance. Emotional settings, both Wang Lei and Deng Jiajia together ", and pin poison evil" between Wang Lei and Huo Zhengyan’s brother, and "poison pin between the teams" revolutionary friendship, friendship, love, affection, love national conflicts, aspect full triggered at any moment. The "anger hero" in Wang Lei, there is a big difference with the previous act, in the race a cipher Yuan Shuai, kind-hearted but humble, but in reality, many more stunt, the "dual identity" character tells the story of a real sense from the characters into the legend of hero. The play, Wang Lei and Huo Zhengyan as the two brothers in the national interests and personal interests of the choice, embarked on a completely different path, "meaning" as the first big brother, what will be how to deal with family and national feelings between the "contradiction" has become a major attraction. Wang Lei said, "spent a lot of thought about this drama, with all the creative efforts and hard work, hoping to get the audience favorite, has become an excellent gift for war." Another legend’s version of "eradication strength" "hero" crime than anger focused on Shanghai and aspiring young people against the Japanese "to poison a war, dumping opium to the history of China to poison the system of China", followed the Humen beach after China people once again on the drug hit. Recently, the "anti drug" has also become the subject of popular television theme, super network drama "Yu sins" hot, let the audience in the new era is from the expression properties of the network feel disgusting and drug anti drug police great. "Anger hero" story can be said to be a version of the "sins" in more than Wang Lei’s tough, bloody yuan Shuai and dared to defy the rules of remaining crime is quite similar, not only have the common origin and other crimes, expert advice, secret identity, but he took the "poison pin the squad can do, there are bold and crafty, meaning of the word at the head. Than the crime more attractive, Yuan Shuai deep in troubled times, but also a "Guqiu Kingdom hate", the story and the expression of emotion is more complicated. Believe in!相关的主题文章: