Villa developers debt disputes. In the mountains the owners were seized dozens of suites (video)

Villa developers in debt disputes involve Chongshan owners seized dozens of Suites for men to the transfer of property in a divorce judge villa with five copies seized announcement in November 10th, Shenyang city Huanggu District Chongshan villa residential owners found outside the unit posted a notification of the court seal, it is because of debt disputes, seized 88 sets of Villa Chongshan houses, including retail and residential. The news for the owners can purchase — one disaster after another has been more than two years have not completed the property record, real estate license is in sight, and is now facing a seizure…… Let the owners can not accept that, want to find developers representations also becomes difficult: a store located in the service center to find people, developers do not know the current office address. Buy a house more than two years have not completed the summer of 2014, the public Zhang Wei (a pseudonym) to pay the full amount in Chong Shu bought a villa, spend more than 300. "The developer is a real estate development Co., Ltd. of Liaoning City, Victoria, the end of the housing sales contracts signed." Zhang Wei said that the contract in addition to the normal provisions of a supplementary agreement, because the area of the house had been mortgaged out, the developer of the record time delayed 6-8 months." She figured, record the postponed should be completed before the end of March 2015, "according to the contract, if the developers do not complete during this case, we can choose to check out." Now look, hidden in the time to buy a house has been buried." Zhang Wei said that she and a number of owners before the deadline for many times to find developers for the record and real estate license, every time that will be as soon as possible, but in fact it has not done so far down." Zhang Wei seized the owners face of residential two hundred or three hundred square meters, this series is not suitable for the owners get angry at mutation. Owners believe that the root cause of this serious consequence is that developers do not fulfill the supplementary agreement on the purchase contract, the developer should assume full responsibility. More than 100 suites lived only ten households have "abandoned" deserted area yesterday afternoon, Liaoshen Evening News reporter came to the District, south gate open, duty room no, park trees withered weeds, with individual aisle of lodging. Stay in the district for nearly 4 hours of time, only to encounter the owners of the two, have said that their homes are not sealed list. "This house for office, and is not a private residence", one of the owners said, "I heard the seizure of 88 sets of house, but this house is the top developers to account, and we do not buy, what procedures are no problem…… If there is a problem, we will not allow developers to take it to the top account ah……" The district has a total of 9 buildings, of which the multi-storey building for the 8, the north side of the top 1 for small high-rise. 3 pm yesterday, it was slightly dark, from outside the building and looked out the window was almost see signs of life, it is difficult to see the curtain, less light, but did not find someone in the window. Leave the area, Liaoshen Evening News reporter met the security gate, he said there are more than 100 residential units throughout the District, but the occupancy of only more than and 10 households, "we build the green property developers are hired, but did not know the whereabouts of developers. Originally there is a service center in the store, but now nobody is closed."相关的主题文章: