Toronto day6-7 word of mouth burst black gay film which good wharfedale

Toronto Day6-7: mouth burst table black comrade which good? "Moonlight boy", a very good reputation of A24 and Brad · vision; Peter Plan B company’s new film "Moonlight boy" at the beginning of this month, at the telluride film festival premiere on the critically acclaimed, the rotten tomatoes a total of 18 evaluation, 100%. MTC11, a review, 100. But the boom is extended to Toronto, "Moonlight" boy every screenings are a hard to find, temporary and two media field, is opening 15 minutes before were not allowed to enter, today the last media field in the IMAX Theater Hall, is more than half a little earlier when began lining up easily without full pressure. This is a name of black label + comrades movie, Oscar in the battlefield at present because white dominated and criticized, such as "politically correct" theme seems to have inherent advantages, but aside said this, the movie is good in where? Photography is exquisite, beautiful moonlight boy with three paragraph structure, tells the story of a boy’s growth. The director has mentioned in a post – exchange, the three – stage design, part of the impact of Hsiao-Hsien Hou’s "best time". Like Hsiao-Hsien Hou is not clear, but the design is simple and clear, there is a certain sense of form but will not be tired form. The three chapters are named "Little" (the hero childhood nickname), "Chiron" (the hero’s name) and "Black" (the hero nickname grew up), corresponding to his broken childhood bullying youth, lonely youth, he gradually found their own sexual orientation the relationship with the family, know your heart. The whole look down, black and gay elements are not the focus, just as the background and the characteristics of the people, the most prominent feature of the film is the portrayal of the characters. Three different periods of the protagonist Chiron by different actors, the interpretation is very good. Although he is a man be scanty of words between a few words, but also can let the audience feel his emotions, his face can also let the audience have empathy. The rotten tomatoes freshness 100% photography for shaping characters such as frequent icing on the cake, the characters back to the tracking shot, with a feeling of loneliness; soundtrack of songs and also increase the poetic film, such as moonlight waves, several children play games on the beach pictures, background music is in "happy together", "talk to her" appears in the "Cucurrucucú Paloma", is very romantic. There are not many intimate scenes between the same sex, even if there are more subtle treatment. On the whole, it is an independent film that has done well in all aspects, exquisite, sad, poetic, but not so divine. Along the moonlight boy, this independent temperament, and looked at two separate pieces. "Una" grow up "Lolita" "is" una Rooney Mara · the appearance of a Toronto Film Festival in the three film, the drama, it is also.相关的主题文章: