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Tomorrow more ice breaking point   early winter heating games? – energy – original title: tomorrow to break the ice of winter heating in advance games? Today is the "dew" solar term, many North powder have felt the breath of winter"! Some people say that there is a cold call forget to wear long johns. Today, some people say that there is a cold call ye not to heating? This cold weather is hot, we are most looking forward to the heating up ~ ~ ~ but more than and 20 days of heating period!!! In order to fight against this "the coldest winter in history", is it possible to advance heating? Small north winter heating things out in advance! Shenyang Thermotics Inc have begun to suppress water! Ms. Lin who lives in Shenyang City District Hongze Xinyuan District, the two day stay at home, for half a month ago, the heating company posted a notice on the door in the unit area, the No. 8 of the district heating to the water pressure test in October 6th. It is understood that some of the District of Shenyang from the beginning of September to start heating water pressure test, is expected to be completed in mid October the city will be completed water pressure test link. Heating company staff, in general, they will be posted in advance notice of water, I hope the public can pay attention to the water pressure test time. Why do you have to water pressure every year? The main purpose of water pressure test in order to test the outdoor pipe network and the residents of the home where there is water leakage, if there is water leakage, water pressure test process can be found and dealt with in a timely manner. Users see the Sheung Shui notice posted, be sure to remember the Sheung Shui time, the home must stay. The following phenomena to timely repair! Staff introduction, the public should pay attention to the water during the heating of the valve and the pipeline interface, the feeling of moisture or even dripping on the phenomenon of water leakage. A slight Water Leakage to repair to the heating unit in time if any, otherwise once enter the heating period, the increase of pressure, easy to cause the heating burst. Three special attention should be paid to! 1, the public can also in Sheung Shui during the heating vent valve open, exhaust, see water out immediately after closing the valve, but now has been unable to change the heating facilities. 2, the household must not be allowed to change the heating facilities or maintenance of heating facilities, because the heating system which has been in the water, if unauthorized changes will result in water events. 3, this year to apply for heating to stop the North powder, please handle before October 15th. Is it possible to advance heating? Shenyang Huitianredian Limited by Share Ltd Ltd East Tang manager in October 15th our company after heat exchange station all have hot running conditions in Shenyang city heating up and the sudden cold weather conditions, we can supply at any time. Reporters also asked a number of heating companies, most of the heating company said, may be based on the weather conditions ahead of time to open the door heating, but taking into account the cost of the problem, even if it will not advance too much ahead of schedule. Small north to remind timely not? Poke my thumb and tell me! Here is the new North, with the news of people’s livelihood. Source: new North (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: