This year the seventeenth typhoon catfish has three main features of the new network – in

This year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has three main features – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in October 1, (Long Min) the people’s Government of Fujian province flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters 1 morning bulletin, No. seventeenth typhoon "catfish" hit Fujian, according to preliminary statistics, as of 29, 16, 79 counties (cities and area), 903 villages, 1 million 489 thousand people were affected, the death tolls of 6 people, the total direct economic loss of 6 billion 133 million yuan (below). According to the briefing, the typhoon "catfish" main features: one is the huge volume. "Catfish" seven circle diameter 900 km, the influence range of nearly 1200 kilometers, covering Fujian province across the sea. When typhoon center wind 12, North Central Coast of Fujian province from 9 to 12, gusts 13 to 14, to Lian Jiangmu Island 46.1 meters (level 14) for maximum seconds. The sea is generally 4 to 6 meters to the giant waves, storm surge is generally more than blue alert. Two is rainfall super. The heavy heavy heavy rain, 35 counties (city, district) heavy rain, 36 counties (cities, districts) heavy rainfall process; maximum rainfall is 620 mm Xiapu ("NEPARTAK" for a maximum of 473 mm, Minqing "Meranti" Xiapu maximum 508 mm); more than 400 mm of rain there are 15 counties (cities, districts), of which more than 500 mm, 620 mm Xiapu Zherong 616 mm, Yongtai 553 mm, Fuding 541 mm; 12 hour rainfall of 393 mm, 360 mm in Zherong, Xiapu, Gutian 340 mm, Jiaocheng 258 mm rainfall in 6 hours, 3 hours rainfall of 240 mm Minhou, Jiaocheng 192 mm, Xiapu 184 mm, exceeded the historical period (September) extreme. Coastal small and medium rivers generally flood, 15 sites over flood alert, 1 sites over flood water level. Three is the disaster overlay. Fujian province in September 15th had suffered "Meranti" typhoon, typhoon "catfish" on the heels of two typhoons are the front landing, and the rainfall range overlap, soil moisture and high water level of rivers and lakes, high risk of secondary disasters. (end)相关的主题文章: