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Third technology Luantan period: 818 years we put some hot pit miserable digital products – Sohu technology consumer most people are unhappy? Buy something too Zaoxin — users recently Samsung’s deep experience, especially with Note 7 buddy…… Found his cell phone and a new property: flammable and explosive. Elmar, others for mobile phone to spend money, Note 7 this is deadly ah! Although the Chinese market has been affected and not so big, but bought so many digital products, who has not met what bad thing? Today Xiaobian to bring you 818, spicy some of the years we pit the digital products!!! 1 so you’re not kidding? This point, Samsung’s Note 7 level of this kind of flammable and explosive is not the general mobile phone can do – lethality Max! More common is a fever born millet Series ~ "press it down" the hammer mobile phone T1 ~ and a breaking bend iPhone6 ~ with feelings and brand label, but only give us these things [goodbye 2 without the cheapest manual only cheaper! Although we now buy mobile phone not to price appreciation, but like HTC 8X Lumia800, the first half will depreciate half of the mobile phone, who bought who do not feel? Is this a sneer at the consumer side? I want to spend 3 liters of memory you say! In the world there is an awkward called 16G iPhone 6 Plus! Whether you want to take a picture or a camera, it will always remind you that "the storage capacity is almost full." 4 is designed to be a real egg? SONY Dafa is again good, SONY QX10 camera is still sold to out of stock; apple AirPods famous, this easy to throw the headset will be tucao. After all in a word: the market is the product of the touchstone, only to meet consumer demand for products will not be eliminated by history. Either update conscience upgrade, or it can only be a flash in the pan. [about] this is not a technology Luantan serious but very serious science video commentary program, we are committed to Tucao, we also face the porter!   相关的主题文章: