The world’s largest amphibious aircraft unveiled in Zhuhai is superior to the Japanese military sale isobuster

The world’s largest amphibious aircraft unveiled at the Zhuhai US-2- Sohu sold better than Japan India military channel information: on October 30th, Chinese independently developed large amphibious aircraft AG600 unveiled at the Zhuhai air show static display area. As the world’s largest amphibious aircraft in the study, AG600 in July 23rd this year, the assembly line in Zhuhai. Reference News Network reported on November 1st: foreign media said, by Chinese designed and developed by the world’s largest amphibious aircraft AG600 (Dragon -600), October 30th to the Zhuhai air show, the machine can implement the water rescue operations in complex weather conditions 2 meters high waves, water rescue once rescued 50 people. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao website on October 31, reported that AG600 is one of China’s largest aircraft project in the year of the project in 2009, in Zhuhai in July 23rd this year, the assembly line. The Eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai airshow) from November 1st to 6, held in Zhuhai, the exhibition of the 001 aircraft is the assembly line in July. Reported that, according to the chief architect AG600 Huang Lingcai, the captain 37 meters, with a wingspan of 38.8 meters, 12.1 meters high, with a single hull, cantilever monoplane layout and three retractable landing gear, with four sets of domestic -6 turboprop engine. The maximum takeoff weight of 53.5 tons; the maximum cruising speed of 500 kilometers per hour; the maximum flight time of 10 hours; the maximum range of over 4000 km; 20 seconds of a 12 tons of water. Reported that, as the amphibious aircraft, AG600 is capable of landing on land, and landing in the water, and with the implementation of forest fire fighting, water rescue and other special tasks, according to the needs of users with the necessary equipment to perform the conversion, marine environment monitoring, resource exploration, transportation, maritime smuggling and islands security, maritime law enforcement and the rights of other tasks. Whether tonnage or voyage, AG600 are better than Japan’s recent approval of the sale of US-2 amphibious aircraft to India.相关的主题文章: