The world’s first graphene battery product launch Dongxu photoelectric company pulled 6 graphene cha

The world’s first graphene battery product launch Dongxu photoelectric 6 company graphene chariot sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in the world’s first graphene battery product launch Dongxu photoelectric pull 6 companies with graphene chariot – reporter Gui Xiaosun September 9th you, Dongxu photoelectric has released 3 copies of signed a strategic cooperation agreement announcement, and announced that 6 companies reached a strategic cooperation relationship, in some applications of graphene research and development, product procurement, production line construction and other fields to reach strategic cooperation, on the same day, the company announced the world’s first graphene based lithium ion battery products "aliking" the official global offering. In addition, Dongxu photoelectric intends to China inter-bank market dealers association for registered offering of not more than 4 billion 700 million yuan medium-term notes, the medium-term notes intends to raise funds for corporate debt restructuring, add liquidity, debt repayment in accordance with national laws and regulations and policy requirements of the business activities of enterprises. The specific use of the proceeds will be determined in accordance with the specific circumstances of the company. Specific release time and duration will be determined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the market environment and the company’s capital needs to issue. The photoelectric Dongxu graphene lithium ion battery products "aliking in" released in July 8th this year, citing the information shows that the "aliking" under the condition of 5C, to achieve less than 15 minutes of fast charging, and can work in the -30 to 80 C environment, the cycle life of up to 3500 times higher. Prior to the test, the king of the king when charging less than 15 minutes, only for ordinary charging products of 124. Subsequently, Dongxu photoelectric announced that the "king of the king" products to accept reservations, Dongxu photoelectric data show that as of September 8th, "the king of the" total amount of 45175 units. The smooth release of the "king of the king" products, Dongxu optoelectronic graphene industry played a good role model. From the announcement of the content, Dongxu Optoelectronics in the field of graphene ambitions did not stop there. The Dongxu photoelectric and Chinese PLA 1001st factory, Shanghai foam and Industrial Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen city enjoy small Hi Technology Media Holdings Ltd., Zhejiang Jinrui Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd., will host Group Ltd., Beijing power Polytron Technologies Inc signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Cooperation includes many aspects: "graphene and graphene based lithium ion battery application development, in the field of military product procurement, product agent, military enterprise qualification and industry information exchange; research and development, industrial applications, information on the electric BMX graphene based lithium ion power battery and graphene in small areas fast charging type battery in the field of communication and market development; graphene based lithium ion battery based on the charging pile, charging station, storage and scenery complementary lamps development, photovoltaic power plant energy storage industry application and information exchange, market development; promote the development of graphene in lithium battery as the representative of the new energy field and use, to build new graphene lithium battery production line, graphene initiated the establishment of new energy industry fund; graphene based lithium ion battery core in anti-interference electricity The source of相关的主题文章: