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The women’s breast after breast fester in someone’s Hospital: Shenzhen normal complications – Sohu news "don’t let me put the two breast is cut off? How can I live in the future? Might as well be dead." Recently, a woman cry of the video on the network crazy pass. Video of the woman named Li Yan (a pseudonym). In October 18th, spent 60 thousand yuan in the Shenzhen Fuhua Medical Esthetic Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the "Fu hospital") had breast surgery after a 27 year old woman from Fujian Li Yan breast without success, but the chest ulceration, shift phenomenon. In this regard, November 4th, Fuhua hospital responsible person told the surging news () said, Li Yan’s condition is normal complication, has good communication with Li Yanliang, arranged for their treatment. Agreement between the two parties. The Shenzhen Municipal Planning Commission staff told surging news, the survey of relevant qualifications such as Fuhua hospital, fully qualified, both mediation is not successful, it is recommended to go the legal procedures. Fujian women’s breast augmentation after chest ulceration according to Li Yan, he felt postpartum sagging breasts deformation, so think through the breast, to restore the body. A friend recommended is located in Shenzhen City, Luohu District Fuhua hospital to Li Yan. Li Yan said, in October 18th 8, she in Fuhua hospital after consultation, on the afternoon of the start of surgery, before surgery, "Dr. Cao Mengjun assured me that I said to do is suspension and implant surgery, there is no risk". After third days of dressing change, Li Yan found that one of her breast deformation, displacement, and even a rotten breast. Li Yancheng, then, she repeatedly find Fu hospital communication, but doctors have said the surgeon, is a normal phenomenon, "12 days of normal". "Until the stitches were removed twelfth days after surgery, the hospital found that the seriousness of the matter." Li Yancheng, at the time, her chest area of ulceration, pain. In November 4th, Li Yan told the surging news, after the incident, with the signing of the agreement Fuhua hospital. Agreement, the hospital for consultation with its domestic experts, bear all costs. Currently, Li Yan has been sent to a hospital in Foshan for treatment. However, the surging news noted in the agreement, Fuhua hospital asked Li Yan "in the Party (Fuhua hospital) under the premise to comply with the above terms, rational treatment, not to any third party publishing is not conducive to a dialect of". The liability for breach of contract shall be deemed to be a breach of contract, and Party A shall pay Party A for the treatment fee paid by the third party to the party. Lawyer: have the right to report in accordance with the relevant departments and agencies such as the official website shows, Fuhua hospital was founded in 1992, "it has been 24 years of history, is located in the eyes of many Evergo renowned cosmetic hospital". The official website also said that President Cao Mengjun is Professor of Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the plastic beauty vice president, "Chinese cosmetic surgery" magazine deputy editor, Chinese Medical Association of medical aesthetics and Cosmetology credits will be senior beauty physician training center director. He has been engaged in plastic surgery for more than forty years, and has rich clinical experience". Public reports indicate, Fuhua hospital has repeatedly accused. For example: Ms. Zhang Fuhua hospital to Ogilvy injection.相关的主题文章: