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The woman was caught from Alipay pianbao balance Beijing Shaoguan – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Bu Yu correspondent Wu Ronghua, Wu Xiaofei, Chen Weilu) Shaoguan City, a woman transferred by Alipay, will be 30 thousand yuan of funds transferred to the account of his acquaintances, causing Alipay stolen artifacts, then alarm and indemnity to defraud insurance companies. Shaoguan Municipal Bureau of Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Zhenjiang informed the media yesterday, the police successfully arrested suspected of defrauding the insurance indemnity of the suspect Liu (female). According to local police, this is Guangdong’s first Internet fraud case. In June 29th, Alipay received from Guangdong Shaoguan users Liu report, the other said her Alipay has a $30 thousand transfer transaction expenses in the day, but she is not my operation. The Liu Mouceng Alipay insurance account security risk, so the insurance company after the audit, the report will be the next day to Liu claims 30 thousand yuan in Liu’s account by alipay. However, the insurance company in the review, found that this case actually claims the existence of doubt, the staff immediately reported to the police, and launched the insurance recovery. After receiving the report, the police task force composed of Zhenjiang investigation into the case. Technical staff through the survey found that the so-called "stolen" is likely to be Liu’s "from", because after three the sum of 10 thousand yuan of funds transferred, have occurred in the Liu on his mobile phone. Zhenjiang police further combined with the line survey found that Liu three transfers are transferred to the bank account of her acquaintances. In her claim to Alipay "stolen" after noon, Liu took the money was transferred to the bank card in a bank, took the 30 thousand yuan in cash, the bank’s surveillance video, recorded Liu taking the whole process. Police remind the public, but that had stolen stolen and then find the insurance company claims, is a criminal offence. According to the relevant provisions of the criminal law, the crime of insurance fraud will be as serious as the circumstances and the amount of the high and low imprisonment and fines, the amount is particularly huge or other especially serious circumstances, may be sentenced to more than 10 years.相关的主题文章: