The twenty-fifth Film Festival opened in Tangshan – Beijing

The twenty-fifth Film Festival opened in Tangshan – Beijing, China News Agency, Tangshan, September 21 (reporter Gao Kai) the evening of September 21st, the twenty-fifth session of the film festival opened in Tangshan. The festival will be decided at the thirty-third session of the final awards of popular movie hundred flowers. Founded by Chinese, China Federation Film Association hosted the popular movie Hundred Flowers Award in 1962, is the oldest film industry awards China. The flowers only represent the audience views and evaluation of the film, and voted by the Audience Award, it is also known as "audience award". The previously announced list of nominees, "" "" dragon tactic "wolf" catch demon "Sherlock worry" and "sun burning heart" won the film award nomination, Jing Bairan, Deng Chao, William Feng, Feng Xiaogang and Huang Bo will compete for the winner, Bai Baihe, Zhao Wei, Xu Qing, Yu Nan and Hsu Chi will compete for the best actress. The list of nominees, the movie "remember" the most prominent catch demon, the film not only short film award, best screenplay, best director, Jing Bairan and Bai Baihe is by virtue of the film was nominated for best actor and best actress nomination. Feng Xiaogang was late for the opening ceremony, deputy secretary of Tangshan City, mayor Ding Xiufeng to the director of the film "Tangshan earthquake," the famous film director issued a special contribution to the cultural construction of Tangshan City award". The film festival, with Feng Xiaogang in the film "old gun" in the wonderful performance of the thirty-third nominated Hundred Flowers Award best actor. The twenty-fifth China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the thirty-third popular movie award ceremony will be held on September 21st to 24 days. Will be held during the China film forum, China film science and Technology Forum, domestic film screenings recommend, with Hong Kong and Macao International Film Festival, film exhibition, ethnic festivals and other activities. (end)相关的主题文章: