The strength performance of oil painting exhibitions in Northeast China

" " expression intensity; Northeast performance performance of oil painting exhibition in Northeast China rise in the last century in 80s, East Post domain outstanding representative growth to the performance of the artistic way to express the subjective emotion and the regional style of the painter. In thirty years, this group of artists is rooted in the black water is always white, thinking about the question of "modernity". The old industrial base of the rise and fall of the northeast is more affected by the painters mood. The participating artists have close origin and the northeast, most of them were born in the northeast, and lives and works in this part is from the Northeast; out, living and working in the Northeast; and several South Central Plains even young artists, they also with the Northeast oil painter has this kind of teacher-student relationship or cultural identity. Hundred works of the exhibition is not only a historical review of oil painting art of the northeast, is also a culture of the art placed in the contemporary context. On the one hand, we hope that through this exhibition, showing the overall artistic appearance of the school; on the other hand, we look forward to re-examine the contemporary value of the performance of the Northeast oil painting in the multicultural context. The theme of "the strength of expression" comes from the overall style of the Northeast oil painting, but also from the artistic appeal of the artist group. In the autumn of ten works: "tour" of the three students as China contemporary northeast old industrial base, in the last century there have been a period of 50s to 80s through the most glorious history, accompanied by the industry’s splendor and decadence, a batch of North East oil painter vigorous, with a character in this piece of black soil in Baishan growth, due to the regional culture and the humanities and the emergence of nurturing a large number of important artists in Northeast performance oil painting. In November 26, 2016 the performance of oil in the Northeast artists exhibition Today Art Museum will be the performance of painting a has milepost sense of the incident, will also lay the northeast as "performance status of oil", this is a more focused discussion and communication of the Northeast group of artists, it represents the contemporary performance painting a new height of development. Zhao Kaikun   "green" words of Changbai Valley Mr. Cao: "performance" Northeast Oil Painting Exhibition "is a re interpretation of the contemporary spirit of the painting language and expression showed unique self in the present social experience, in the information age today, can watch the spirit of deep drawing is non historical the non time, always inside and outside at the moment of the intensity of the performance of the dialogue." We have reason to believe that this is a group of artists who have a group of faith, in full of all kinds of art forms today, "stick to" easel painting "performance" seems to be a kind of ideal and spiritual pursuit, but also the aging of contemporary easel paintings full of new vitality the. Gong Lilong   "mountain" exhibitions curator: Cao Xingyuan artists: Song Huimin, Zhao Dajun, Wei Ershen, Su Gaoli, Wang Yan, Guo Xiaoguang, Gong Lilong, Zhao Kaikun, Wang Jianguoceng, Wang Yigang相关的主题文章: