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The restaurant suspected violations of financial bonuses return now wind upset who’s job? – the popularity of Sohu technology, mobile intelligent terminals, in the convenience of the public life, but also inevitably become a hotbed of new crime patterns. In recent years, the number of telecommunications fraud, Internet financing fraud and other crimes are growing exponentially, and the impact is more and more serious, Xu Yuyu incident is the most extreme manifestation. In addition to the alleged crime, the impact of the Internet and mobile intelligent terminal, the line also appeared a replica of the alleged violation of the normal financial order behavior. In recent years, the popularity of the restaurant as a position for the scene, the name of dividends, return now, playing a lot of names, such as the appearance of abnormal economic phenomenon. What is their focus on the outbreak, who upset the bowl? The name of the name of financial financing into play restaurant "accomplice" play play monkey monkey financing fraud, on people’s psychological understanding quite thoroughly. In the past few years financing still undetected, often with high interest rates to attract people to cheat money. When a lot of people holding the mentality to earn high interest money invested, but found that crooks had disappeared — and you are looking at the high interest, liar was staring at your principal! With the improvement of people’s vigilance on financing, interest rates will not have the temptation to cheat, began to play psychological warfare. With little sweetness as bait, gradually to scam people into the bureau. Which restaurant become accomplices unknowingly". A liar will design a seemingly regular financial products, free to eat a year card as a gimmick to attract people to buy. After people spend less money to buy financial products, you can go to the so-called cooperative restaurant for free meals. Even the liar deliberately claimed an unlimited amount of donation card, and. At the same time, the liar will give people’s account dividends, cash back. In the early days, eating in a restaurant is free of charge, dividends, cash back can also be credited immediately, which makes people believe, and then increase investment. Even in order to earn a lot of money intermediary fees, but also to introduce friends and family to buy. Finally, empty liar successfully into a large sum of money. But the answer is uncovered, the liar only and restaurants cooperation, to the people to eat after the meal card holders, a liar will separate and the restaurant bill. Even some restaurants have been dragged crooks account, and finally suffered heavy losses. The trick is not wise, but people are often confused by this scam restaurant package. Consciously lowered the warning line, so easy to cheat. Restaurants play reward: not illegal but embarrassing in many countries, there is the end of the habit of eating tips. But at home, this custom has been abandoned decades ago. The Chinese people are thinking, tip = service fee is included in the price, also should not be charged. WeChat, the Alipay red with social meaning, and convenient payment, transfer, profound changes in domestic consumption habits, appear even vanished with red tips also stately reward form. Recently, more and more restaurants in Beijing to introduce red play reward mechanism. In simple terms, if people feel satisfied with the service, can live scan two-dimensional code payment of money". Original)相关的主题文章: