The old man together with the baby’s parents have different habits of killing grandmother granddaugh seaway

The old man together with the baby’s parents have different habits of killing grandmother granddaughter – Beijing surrender Tong Dawei and Zhao Wei took a Tinghuo play, called "tiger mother cat dad". In this play, around the issue of children’s education, not only the male and female Russell and Bi Shengnan had all sorts of contradictions and conflicts, behind them, the more their parents in secretly wrestling. In fact, this drama is not rare in reality, but because the children out to murder, is relatively rare. The day before, Nanjing City Intermediate People’s court hearing on the case, together with the child’s grandmother and grandmother, because living habits and children in different ways, produced a variety of friction, the child’s grandmother was angry, the child’s grandmother killed at home. On the court, the prosecutor called the "human tragedy", and that a similar situation has become a social problem in a certain extent. Prosecutors remind young people to learn, because the children and the assembled elderly family, to pay special attention to life, more concerned about the elderly, the children can not be left to the elderly on the matter. Yangzi Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang A with his granddaughter contradiction anger qingumu killed recently, the intentional homicide in the Nanjing intermediate people’s Court of the second court hearing. When the defendant Wang Xiuying was brought into court, the reporter was very surprised. In front of Wang Xiuying’s face was haggard white haired, slow pace, look weak, cannot let a person be such a weak woman and murder suspects together. After the trial began, Wang Xiuying’s performance is a collapse. The judge’s questioning, whether it is to ask the date of birth, address, degree of education, or ask the domicile, she either did not respond or callous, if some who mumbled home in northern didn’t understand something, or just shook his head. The presiding judge is to toss her again and again, to announce an adjournment, ordered the bailiffs to bring Wang Xiuying down, and called on lawyers and prosecutors, the spot to verify the physical condition of Wang Xiuying. About ten minutes later, the trial recovery. The presiding judge said that after verification, Wang Xiuying’s language skills, although there are some problems, but the basic ability to deal with the trial. Subsequently, the prosecutor read the indictment. The indictment said, by the end of 2014, the 53 year old Wang Xiuying arrived in Nanjing, a district of the son and daughter home to help my mother and granddaughter, Wu Leping because of the contradiction between household chores. The morning of December 29, 2015 10:30, Wang Xiuying attacked Wu Leping home with wooden bench, Wu Leping fell to the ground, and beheaded with a kitchen knife, a fruit knife stabbed in the neck, killing Wu Leping. Forensic identification, Wu Leping’s fatal injuries are in the neck, stabbed in the fruit knife, the neck of multiple arteries and veins from the end, due to excessive blood loss. After committing the crime to the police surrendered himself after the indictment was read out, the judge asked Wang Xiuying, the indictment alleged facts of the crime results, comments, Wang Xiuying began anacoluthon. The prosecutor asked Wang Xiuying, in children during and the victim Wu Leping has no quarrel, wang.相关的主题文章: