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The old man scolded meddling also discourage throw melons arrested – beaten beating Beijing northeast news network August 26th metro area of Longfeng District Daqing city along a supermarket door, a man beat a man, later fled. In August 16th, the man gave himself up, followed by the police administrative detention for 10 days, and impose a fine of 500 yuan. Throw the watermelon by fighting things occurred in 8, 18 pm. An elderly couple lived along the metro area, with grandchildren playing downstairs. Just listen to "Ba Ji" sound, a watermelon fell on the old front. The old man was very angry, to eat watermelon in the door of the hotel man Choi (a pseudonym) said: "how to throw the watermelon, is not civilized and damage the environment. But there is a lot of children run and play, stepped on the watermelon hurt how to do? "In the face of the old man rebuked, Choi will be a piece of watermelon peel thrown on the ground, and the old man said:" you will throw, what happened? Nosy! "Two people argue, Choi friend Tian A (a pseudonym) rushed out from the hotel, to help the old man called choi. The two sides quarrel intensified, Tianmou huff, kick the old chest foot. Seeing this, Granny came unexpectedly and Lycra, Tianmou kick down to the ground. Under hurriedly old man reported to the police, but Tianmou fled the scene, have never been heard of since. Lie to cover the batterer peer police rushed to the scene, see granny down, for emergency vehicles will be sent to hospital for treatment immediately. According to the old man said he did not know Tianmou, but Tianmou and Choi is a group of. This Cuimou denied, claiming that he did not know Tianmou, and he did not hit the grounds, refused to cooperate with the police investigation. Because Cuimou reeking of booze, in a drunken state, the mood is very excited, so the police first and on-site witness investigation branch back to the old man. 23 pm the same day, the police returned to Cuimou living at the inn, Choi has been sober, but still doesn’t know tianmou. Police investigation found that after the incident, Choi repeatedly call the same phone. The next day at 5 am, police came to the hotel for the third time. The police asked repeatedly, Cui Mou admitted and Tianmou is a friend, but he knew only that Tianmou nickname, other identity information is not clear. Cui said that he and Tian are standing big posts, and sometimes work together. The same day in the morning, Choi in the hotel to drink, received a phone call Tianmou, about his work together, he called Tian Tian to the hotel to drink together, each drank a pound of liquor. I was sitting in the door of the inn to sober up, bought half a watermelon to eat, did not expect to get out of such a thing." Cui said. After the surrender of the batterer detention according to Tianmou nickname, police station along near Metro Da Gang places visited the survey, find out the Tianmou address. The police came to Tianmou residence, but did not find Tianmou I. 16 afternoon, Tianmou to dragon Public Security Bureau to surrender, he beat the old man a couple of acts of apology. Tianmou 33 years old, a person wandering around, relying on a large station for a living, so the old couple’s medical expenses, he did not have money相关的主题文章: