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The northern grassland China ushered in the first pair of pandas "national treasure" home Ordos – Beijing Beijing in September 26, Erdos (Zhang Wei Tang Yongxue) "my friends in bora!" 26 PM, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region City, Ordos bustling, because the grasslands of Inner Mongolia ushered in the first pair of pandas baby "Qiqiao" and "seven". In the morning, the giant panda "Qiqiao" and "seven" flight from their home of the growing Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding, at about 3 pm arrived safely in Erdos Airport, they will stay at the "prairie house" — Ordos wild zoo. The zoo staff follow panda sister told reporters, although after a bumpy road, but the current "Qiqiao" and "up" state of mind and body condition is relatively stable. Pictured panda Sister Ping arrived in Erdos Airport Ordos Tourism Bureau data show that in 2014 the birth of "Qiqiao" and "seven" is a pair of twin sisters, "Qiqiao" is my sister, sister because overnight was born in "the Qixi Festival" on the same day, so it is called "homophonic seven". Their father is from the United States of Atlanta return to the "overseas Chinese", "mother kingful" is the first panda panda born in Wenchuan after the earthquake. Erdos wild zoo officials said, in order to make "Qiqiao" and "seven" to the northern grassland China home, they were two "Adorable treasure" built, covers an area of more than 3 thousand and 200 square meters of the "garden villa" — the giant panda museum. The venue built feeding operations area, exhibition area, outdoor indoor noise natural lighting display area, fresh bamboo cold room, kitchen and other facilities in accordance with the requirements of giant pandas living habits, also has a heating and humidifying equipment, ensure the requirements of the temperature and humidity of the giant panda. Figure for the panda sisters home of the grasslands in the Kimcheon zoo. At the same time, set up a special working group, responsible for the sisters of daily living, with 3 full-time breeder, 2 full-time veterinary. The panda base also accredited breeder and veterinarian for a long time in the park, on-site guidance and technical services, to adapt to the giant panda on the prairie life as soon as possible. "Qiqiao" and "seven" food by special vehicles from the supply base of fresh bamboo regularly layun, the zoo will also take a bamboo greenhouse way as the panda emergency food reserve. Ordos Tourism Bureau official said that the Chinese giant pandas for the first time in the northwest minority autonomous region is the embodiment of the unity of national integration, and also deepen Inner Mongolia and abroad around the good opportunity to understand and in-depth contact with each other, and to promote the rapid development of tourism has extremely important significance to spread awareness of animal protection, harmony between man and nature get along. Pictured panda sisters will from Erdos Airport for their "prairie house" Ordos Tourist Bureau reported that after a certain time of isolation after a period of adaptation, "Qiqiao" and "seven" will be "ten? During the national day and the majority of tourists. (end)相关的主题文章: