The nail is 6 meters long woman, Manicure care to spend 5 hours (video)

The nail is 6 meters long woman, Manicure care to spend 5 hours in the United States a woman for 20 years without nails, now, she is 6 meters long nails. Although many people think it is possible, it is possible. The United States women’s 6 meters long nails Manicure care to spend 5 hours, her name is Walton, 45 years old, not yet married, because she has long fingernails, many men around to her interest. Walton because of her golden yellow nails, is now the Guinness world record holder, got the longest nails in the world. ". Her life was not affected by the length of the nail. Every day, in the wash, the growth direction of her nails is down, and will not affect their use of some cleaning tools. When playing the piano every day, her 6 meter long nails will not be free to press keys. Because of her 6 meters long nails, and now become a well-known family of characters. Many people think that this is not good, in fact, after their own good care of the nails, the health problem is not to worry too much. Daily life is no obstacle, let her more like their nails. Now she will take her nails to attend some activities, to carry out the activities of some popularity. Every time she spends about 5 hours to protect her nails, nail polish, or use acrylic acid to strengthen, to ensure that their nails do not break. Now, she embarked on the road of music, she likes to own some of the nails to bring their own popularity, the same hope that her music can let everyone enjoy the fun of life.相关的主题文章: