The murderer has not slept exposes the playbill opera stage + mathematical formula

"The murderer is not sleep" poster exposure Opera + formula Sina entertainment news is known as "Hongkong B the king" title of director Qiu Litao, "I do not sell in my uterus" "prostitutes" sell after involving women as the protagonist of the crime movie "murderer" did not sleep. This film directed by Qiu Litao, Janice Man, Andy Hui, Ka Tung Lam starring [micro-blog] Suspense crime film "the murderer is not sleep" from the fixed gear announced since October 21st concern. The trailer before the exposure of the three protagonists, the complex relationship between the characters and the "Monty Holzer problem" and "probability" and "Turandot" full of mystery words appear together in front of the audience, making people think. The film side recently officially discovered the first "no sleep" concept poster: red light, actress in silent black dress and Turandot, casting a shadow on the stage, mathematics, opera and other elements fit with the film characters identity again, a mystery thriller color. "The murderer is not sleep" first exposure concept poster opera stage + formula people guessing "killer without sleep" tells the story of an open head must know to "sleep" story: to marry the wealthy son Li Weichen (played by Ka Tung Lam) the rich girl had Jasmine (played by Janice Man), secretly before marriage visit the old lover Fang Muzhe (played by Andy Hui), on the way home, had mysteriously attacked jasmine, woke up and found himself being "naked" prisoners in secret, which makes her seemingly perfect life appeared one hundred and eighty degree turn, but in the end who is the murderer? Whether she tangled with a long period of two relationships? Everything is unknown…… The first poster named "no sleep", with the film English titles, but also "Turandot" classic Aria "Nessun DORMA". The whole poster atmosphere full of suspense, treacherous red stage, a princess Turandot costume actress back to the light side, but can’t see her face hidden in the lamplight, the ground long shadow in recounting her sorrow and sad…… What is the metaphor of classical opera? The expression of mathematical symbols in partly hidden and partly visible to the puzzle of life? Posters on the background of the stage, every one who sees it as the audience, life is like a drama, drama is like life, the actress will choose in the crossroads of life? "Hongkong B film king Qiu Litao to create the" ordinary "crime suspense film has directed" Baxian Hotel "" human flesh Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork Ebola virus "" I do not sell my "prostitute" sell the womb "and many other big screen types, known as" Hongkong B the king "director Qiu Litao is good at Zoupian Jian Feng personality view of social problems. The murderer has not directed "sleep", based on the continuation of the previous style, Qiu Litao for the film into mathematics, opera and other elements, meaning rich, in addition to the visual impact, add a "burning brain" story, let the movie can see more of. In the just concluded Xi’an Silk Road Film Festival, "the murderer is not sleep" in the cinema will promote the debut and screening was held on the evening of 21, from all over the world cinema, media and critics in the viewing, and gives the first wave. There are critics.相关的主题文章: