The man suspected of villagers reported their night cut 79 tree Kiwi tree anger

The man suspected of villagers reported their night cut 79 tree Kiwi tree any original title: suspected villagers report "stealing electricity" electrician night cut 79 tree Kiwi tree recently, man was jailed for the crime of destruction of production and operation with two suspected villagers had reported their "stealing electricity", Baqiao District of Xi’an City, a village electrician drinking alcohol, while 79 trees kiwifruit tree cut two villagers of the night. Recently, because of the crime of destruction of production and operation for electrician. A car is a village in Baqiao District, the kiwi is the main source of income. On the morning of May 8, 2015, he found that there were 59 Kiwi trees cut in the kiwi orchard. He said that the cut kiwifruit tree is planted in 2007, 2013 Guaguo, tree diameter of about 4 cm. The 47 tree from the root, the neck is completely cut off, 12 trees were cut off some branches. The fruit trees were cut not only his family, village Wu family a lot of kiwifruit tree also was a murderous at the same time. After investigation, the police in Baqiao in July 1st the same year, the suspect was arrested. According to Qu a confession, the night of May 7, 2015, he and a few friends home after drinking alcohol, and with a flashlight and a machete out, went to Wu, a car cut kiwi kiwi tree. The reason why he cut two Kiwi tree, because he reported two people suspected of stealing electricity, he is angry, the drink of wine to cut trees to vent their anger. According to the testimony of the power sector, a reflection of the village electrician Qu stealing electricity, after investigation, Qu illegal use of electricity, and the treatment is carried out. However, Wu Mou, the car were denied a report of a stolen electricity. Baqiao District Court found that Qu and a car, Wu are a village in Baqiao District, Qu Mou suspicion of a car, a report of Wu he steal electricity and resentment. In late May 7, 2015 10, some two people to drink and kiwi, holding a machete cut a kiwifruit tree 59, cut off the force of a kiwi tree 20. After identification, a direct economic loss of 8670 yuan, a direct economic loss of $3610. The court held that the defendant of a bend to vent their anger, cut the victim two kiwi fruit trees, damaged agricultural production, causing the loss of property 12280 yuan, have constituted the crime of sabotaging production and business operation. In view of the defendant Qu truthfully confessed, pleaded guilty in court, may be given a lighter punishment. Recently, the First Instance sentenced to 6 years in prison for a period of 1 years, and were compensated for a car of $8670, Wu a $3610. > > the relevant provisions of the law refers to the crime of sabotaging production and business operation, because of anger or other personal revenge, destroying machines, killing farm animals or by other means of destroying production and operation behavior. Production and business activities, refers to the production and management activities of the whole society, including state-owned, collective, individual production and management activities. The subject of this crime is the general subject, that is, any person over the age of 16, with the ability of criminal responsibility of the natural person can constitute the main body of the crime. In the subjective aspect of the crime is intentional, negligence does not constitute a crime. Guilty of this crime, 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or control; if the circumstances are serious, more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 7 years. China Daily reporter Ning Junjun相关的主题文章: