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Guo Chuan: the lonely and the sails with the "junior school" – Sohu news   is a sailing across the Pacific Ocean Chinese navigator Guo Chuan, sailed to Hawaii about 900 km west of the sea, after 25 days 15 when the Beijing team lost contact time and the shore. 27 evening, Guo Chuanan team navigation technology comprehensive expert pictures, video and telephone conversation information obtained from the United States maritime search and rescue team, confirmed on October 26th Beijing time Guo Sichuan between 15 to 15:30 because of emergency water. The team believes that there are two possible causes of the accident, and now with the ship floating in the sea water in the big triangle. "The sea is to return home safely," Guo Chuan and the sea Lonely fight warriors defeated countless demons "waters, his" oath "in his ear. 1 drowning spinnaker Guo Sichuan this voyage in Beijing on October 19th at 5:24 and 11 seconds from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai Jinshan for the purpose, to create a single uninterrupted record sailing across the pacific. Beijing time on October 25th at about 15, Guo Sichuan and shore team and friends by satellite telephone contact, was informed about sailing, sailing is expected to smooth readme, arrived in Shanghai on November 5th or 6, but this call has become the last contact with the team Guo sichuan. Not long after, the coast team observed sailing in the United States under the condition of a slow speed of shipping, so try to contact Guo Chuan, but the satellite phone and Internet communications are no response. Lost contact, near the sea of Hawaii Guo Chuan Honolulu local maritime rescue agencies dispatched search and rescue aircraft, 26 days 12 when Beijing time, after 4 hours of flight search and rescue aircraft rushed to the waters where the sailing boat found the spinnaker, drowning, no one on deck, radios that end no sound. Guo Chuan fleet seaman John Claus analysis said, for a single voyage seaman, control of such a super trimaran, whether receiving spinnaker, or drowning spinnaker boat, is a very difficult thing. In all two possible processes, a safety rope must be removed at any given time to complete all the technical actions. Search and rescue personnel found a life jacket in the ship, but because of the preparation of a number of life jackets, so can not determine when the water is wearing a life jacket. Analysis of the shore team believes that when the water fell into the water, there is the most likely also wearing a life jacket. From the scene to see, Kwak apparently suffered a sudden, unpredictable danger. In fact, sailing occupation requires not only good hand strength, also have a clear mind and flexible strain capacity, for the sea, climate, communication equipment, navigation system and international maritime terminology must be covered, can unhurriedly to complete the challenge in extreme conditions. "Everything is unknown, and all I can do is to meet the unknown with a positive attitude." Guo Chuan has admitted. We now have no way of knowing, this time, the voyage of Guo Chuan experienced what kind of unknown. Familiar with相关的主题文章: