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The family sued the hospital claims 210 thousand court without responsibility – Beijing hospital Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zheng Cheng, Ye Fanghui correspondent reports: Foshan, a woman suffering from severe depression, drinking rat medicine was sent to hospital for treatment of gastric lavage. Unexpectedly, after less than three days, the woman still in the hospital was in the early hours of the falls, and ultimately died from. Families that hospital fails to perform security duties, ordered the hospital to court claims 210 thousand yuan. 29, the reporter learned from the court, the case has been the first instance verdict, the hospital does not have to bear the liability. During the hospital to commit suicide, a year old Zhu Zhu working life in Foshan, his wife suffering from severe depression, has been taking medication, early 2016 saw a better condition, then stopped for a period of two months. In February 29th, Lao Zhu returned home and found his wife lying, limbs twitching, quickly rushed to the wife of a general hospital in Nanhai District of Foshan hospital, the doctor told the old wife Zhu drank rat medicine, diagnosis immediately after hospitalized gastric lavage, the condition to be able to control. After hospitalization, Lao Zhu and her brother took care of his wife, March 2nd morning, Lao Zhu brother home to take the clothes, on the edge of the bed slumber, to his wife in the hospital after falling out of the ward, two floor of the platform, after she died. By the public security organs at the scene investigation, ruled out homicide may, Lao Zhu’s wife is accidental death. Lao Zhu and his family, wife has serious suicidal, knowing that the doctor did not make any admission reasons, doctors or special care, also be the arrangement in the high-rise ward. The lack of security obligation of hospital led to his wife’s death, ordered the hospital to court, asked bear 30% of the liability for the death of his wife, pay the funeral expenses, death compensation totaling more than 21 yuan. The hospital does not need to undertake the responsibility after the court hearing that old Zhu wife hospitalized due to medication to the hospital, the two sides have the relationship of medical service contract, medical facilities and medical services for patients to provide security in accordance with the norms of the hospital. According to the hospital to provide patients "informed consent book" and "admission to prevent a fall, falling out of bed this book", has been clearly informed and asked the family to provide 24 hours for escort work personnel to escort. In addition, the hospital as a general hospital, not special psychiatric hospital, according to the diagnosis of the disease, which is caused by the oral rat medicine illness, not mental illness, the hospital nursing measures taken by the body of the patient’s life is to sign a reasonable treatment, and can not be used as the hospital should assign the uninterrupted care patients, restriction of personal freedom of patients. After the accident, the hospital also actively rescue. In summary, management or reasonable duty of care has occurred as hospital, for the death of his wife Lao Zhu damage, does not have the management or care of the fault, without any causal relationship between death and hospital patients, and security obligations to the death of the deceased is its own action, the final judgment dismissing all of the claims. It is reported that Zhu and his family have appealed, the case will be held in Foshan intermediate people’s court hearing.相关的主题文章: