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The "wrong" the chance to find your self – Sohu for children rarely have maternal children’s book writer can attract adults, however, when this happens, usually very magical, like Dr. ·, Cher Silverstein…… Well, I’ve found someone who can be added to this list – Todd · Parr. Todd, 52, ·, who has conquered 4-6 year old children, as well as their teachers and parents, with fun fun, brightly colored illustrations and easy to understand expressions. In today’s competition in the whirlpool of perfectionism, Parr is clearly declared: the color painted on the outside of the line does not matter, like the explosion does not matter, and sometimes feel lonely does not matter. This book helps children to establish self-confidence, self-esteem and the correct concept of error, so that children feel at ease, brave to explore new things, the development of self-awareness. With an open mind to embrace life in a small accident, the error into a good opportunity to guide children to find themselves. The milk spilled never mind you can always clean up in every page, page will introduce a behavior ("fall never mind"), followed by the right will be a positive result ("do you always get up"). The structure of this kind of dilemma and dilemma is solved to create a great rhythm, which is suitable for reading aloud, and it can guide the children to brainstorm more similar sentences. Try different direction never mind you may have found new young readers will get comfort from the book, because the daily experience (milk spilled, don’t know the answer, shy) will happen to anyone, they will receive a positive letter about the confidence and sympathetic interest. Don’t know the answer, never mind asking questions to help you learn Parr’s unique illustrations like cartoon picture, because black thick contour lines and vivid colors and have a unique style, and they are large enough, we can see clearly in the group. In addition to illustrations and text correspond closely, there are many details of humor and whimsy. Never mind "mistakes" Author: Todd · Parr; translator: Zhang Hongwu: Children’s book produced days a little time to market: 2016-10 ISBN:978-7-5502-8555-2 price: 35 binding: hardcover home office dedicated to recommend good books, pay attention to personal growth, marriage, family, child. Welcome to subscribe. Public number: family study jiatingshufang2015相关的主题文章: