The country still has more than 400 positions to apply for registration of the most popular jobs tha

There are more than 400 national test position zero registration the most popular posts than 4130:1- competition Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 23rd news (reporter ho source?) China according to voice of the "national network news" reported that the central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 civil service examinations will be held tomorrow (24 days) at the end of 18. Register for the heat at the same time, as of today (23 May) at about 10 in the morning, there are still no one to apply for a position or no qualification examination of the 419. After nearly 8 days of enrollment, in 2017 the national civil service registration system has been approved by the 849328 people, more than the same period last year, about 50 thousand people, the average competitive ratio of 31.4:1, higher than the same period last year 28.8:1. The registration will end at 18 tomorrow, so today and tomorrow is the two day of the last two days of this year’s examination registration, National Bureau of civil service examinations division deputy director Peng Zhongbao suggested that the examinee registration, don’t wait until the last moment. The last one or two days of registration are often the busiest time on the internet. Suggest that you have a time to supplement the relevant materials, as well as the time to change to other positions. From the system point of view, the central authorities Zhaolu competition than the way ahead has reached 92:1. One of the most popular position is the NLD central office of the "reception director", the competition is more than 4130:1. But at the same time, there are still more than and 400 candidates for the position has not broken zero, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 positions to apply for admission ratio of less than 3:1. In the case of hot and cold, Peng Zhongbao said, according to the experience of the past year, there are usually three types of job candidates relatively small number. First, the degree, degree, professional and related work experience and other requirements are relatively more, the higher the position. Two is below the county level job registration is generally less than the central and provincial level. Three is the economic conditions are relatively backward areas. National Civil Service Bureau hope that the majority of candidates combined with the characteristics of the position and their own conditions, the rational choice of candidates. The civil service examination expert Yuan Dong believes that some local employers can moderately reduce the recruitment threshold, at the same time the candidates also need to adjust the application of psychological. Yuan Dong said: "to candidates more publicity to the grass-roots, grass-roots civil servants of the channel has been opened, the year August 7, the country will be the selection, not a lifelong. After the road is still very long, there is still a lot of space."相关的主题文章: