The comparison of new and old Changhe q35 V3 network red showdown

The comparison of new and old Changhe Q35 V3 Red Net showdown in 2016 is approaching the end, the national 1.6L policy car tax halved also entered the final countdown. For the majority of people ready to buy a small SUV, the moment can be said to be the best time to buy a car: to catch up with this policy benefits of the last bus, you can save a considerable amount of purchase tax. So the question is, in the current "red" everywhere, "the explosion of rampant small SUV market, we how to choose? Next, we selected two heady" red "small SUV – Q35 and V3 of the Changhe, and made a thorough comparison from the inside of them, hoping to provide a valuable reference for hesitant friends in these two kinds of models. The appearance of contrast: Yan higher appearance: summary who design two models are reflected in a higher level, are very young and dynamic, have a high degree of recognition. As for which a more impressive, it depends on every consumer’s personal preferences. Size comparison: who can "loaded" size summary: through the above chart, we can see that although the two cars were positioned as a small SUV, but Q35 in Changhe length width and height of the three dimensions has obvious advantages, and the difference is not small. But in the wheelbase, the V3 pulled 1 cm advantage. Interior contrast: who is more warm heart summary: two models of the interior design of the car are used in the dynamic style of fashion, in the two-color color scheme, there are similarities. But the difference between the two parts in details is quite obvious, relatively Q35 Changhe leather seats and interiors more eye-catching highlights. The configuration comparison: who is more kind of rich configuration, has always been the most prominent advantage of independent brands. In this paper, the two models, as independent brand leader in small SUV, have very good configuration, subject to space limitations, this article does not make one list, only the obvious differences between parts of a simple comparison. Summary: Changhe Q35 configuration not only in price is more affordable, but also in the configuration of the performance is more prominent, and more are Changhe Q35 configuration is very practical leather seats, tire pressure monitoring system, visible Q35 in the configuration of the performance is more outstanding. Dynamic contrast: who is more awesome two models are equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with 5 speed manual gearbox, but the power output is slightly different: the maximum power of the engine is equipped with Q35 Changhe can reach 85kW, peak torque is 148Nm; and the maximum power of the engine is equipped with V3 82kW, peak torque of 145Nm. Summary: dynamic data from the point of view, there is little advantage to Changhe Q35, but the difference is not obvious, the dynamic performance can be described as two matched, are fully able to meet the daily demand for the majority of riders. Full text summary: This article compares the two models, are on the market in order to high Yan value, strong strength circle powder numerous net red model. The appearance of the two models are designed in favor of younger, have a high degree of recognition, the dynamic performance of matched. The difference between the two is also very.相关的主题文章: