The BMW car hit a 360 degree rotation driver looked confused and do not know the course kimi wo omou melodi

The BMW car hit a 360 degree rotation driver looked confused and do not know the course construction is not set in the event of crossroads, signal lights and traffic signs, two car seemingly normal driving, the result of violent collisions, who are more responsible? October 23, 2016 at 7:10 in the evening, in the city of Xiangyang, Xiangcheng Heng name intersection, a sudden car accident, a van and a car crash occurred in BMW. The reporter just from the intersection after, suddenly a loud noise behind him, turned around and saw a van and a car collision, the van was severely damaged, debris scattered on the ground, the BMW car door also knocked deformed. After police arrived at the scene, found the red BMW sedan parked on the road, the van driver seems very angry, think BMW car speed too fast, causing an accident. BMW car driver is a face completely confused, not knowing why it is so natural. Police see the scene of the strange feeling, then access to the surveillance video of the scene of the accident, it was BMW car traveling from east to west direction, van from the south to north direction straight to the junction of two cars have no deceleration, the results of a hit, because of large inertia, BMW car directly to a 360 degree rotation just stop. In the car damage, look van damaged more seriously, leaves board, headlights have been damaged, but no injuries to the elements of loss in the thousands of dollars. But after the BMW car on the left side of the door was shifted, and inward depression, loss of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan. It is the two car insurance with an insurance company can compensate. Police reminder: in this accident, the incident occurred in the real estate construction before the intersection and no set lights or traffic signs, bread reaching the intersection, should let the right vehicle first, and BMW car in no signal indicating the intersection, should also pay attention to slow down, so the accident on both sides take some responsibility. At present, the accident is still further processing.相关的主题文章: