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[Chenzhou] gold texture walk in the green world forget – Sohu to Yongchun tourism bustling township is eighteen bend a long zigzag road, originally in the car to sleep like I was forced to sit up to. After about half an hour, the scene outside the window was found to be a little more interesting. Just at the end of the summer, a layer of yellow terrace, seems to presage the joy of harvest. Deep in the mountains, terraced landscape, and only this time, I suddenly wanted to start a plane. Stand in the top edge of the photographed a large photo. After Yongchun Township, about 15 minutes walk of the road will reach the angtian lake. Yet to get off to feel it in a threatening manner. The grassland is also arranged outside the Mongolia package, you can spend the night here Oh, and this is to replace the Yao clothing here. Yao is China an ancient ethnic minority, is the most widely distributed in Southern China area Chinese. After changing their traditional costumes, I actually have a Meng Meng Da feeling? Ha-ha。 In Mongolia a large photo and other outdoor package after tourists come with us to take pictures, especially for map Jun, has been containment to the outside, with the popularity of ah! Finally in yangtianhu, it is surrounded by the lush forests of the times, like a natural barrier to the ranch in a land of idyllic beauty. There are windmills in the distance, light and shadow creeping on the hills. Have been to the grasslands of Hulun Buir, compared to the grass here is not high, can not do the wind blowing grass low. But for the small partners in the south, Hulun Buir is out of reach, the two hours that I have been satisfied. We are riding a pedestrian to the depths of the grassland of the go forward with great strength and vigour. Do not know is not the area of the assured, never ridden a horse I am bold slipped it forward, but a way to go fairly comfortable. Cascading mountains, horse Pentium, light flash, a happy paintings of the beautiful picture, if you can touch on the sea, even more perfect. Finally, we found that the position of activity is always there, because the scenery is good, the light is a position is enough to shoot an afternoon, every angle is good scenery, take perfect shot a scene, finished the scene to shoot people. The wind at the top of the mountain is a little big and the temperature is a little low. It is best to take a small coat before going to the mountains. Finally, do not look like a mountain scenic area can not be self driving can not be implemented, in fact, there is a bus line yo. Chenzhou bus station daily at 12 noon in a limousine to angtian lake, 7 in the morning by angtian lake for the urban district of Chenzhou. Start off at ease. ?………………………. I’m winning, young female older married travel enthusiasts hope that my words and pictures can bring you a happy mood big world, come and see it please contact me, micro-blog: @winning_leung相关的主题文章: