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Super delicious salad salad, chicken gizzards go! Sohu and in Chongqing, probably because of the fire, we all love to eat salad! In the small house, especially when guests up, lazy small mom is necessary for every kind of salad, because go out and buy back on the OK do not have to do their own! However, their words at home and do not have so much trouble, do not believe, then look down. Ingredients: 700 grams of salad chicken gizzards ingredients: 20 grams coriander seasoning: 4, pickled ginger foam, a garlic bulb a head, a wisp, a green pepper, aniseed, cinnamon two, a geraniol three, homemade spicy soy sauce, vinegar Chili oil amount, the amount of the amount, the amount of wine cold chicken gizzards 1, prepare the raw materials. 2, ginger slices, garlic bubble bubble broke into petal, green onions cut into sections. 3, add enough water into the pot, pickled garlic, ginger, and global global star anise, cinnamon, geraniol, green onions, cooking wine, boil. No pickled ginger, garlic, pickled bubble can directly add dried pepper and ginger, garlic and personal advice, according to their own taste to kazakhstan. 4, chicken gizzards fully wash to remove excess fat. 5, the chicken into the boiling pot. 6, cook about 20 minutes off the fire for two hours. 7, sliced chicken gizzards. 8, parsley cut into small pieces. 9, chicken gizzards and coriander into containers, add soy sauce, vinegar, spicy Chili oil, mix well. 10, cold chicken gizzards do.相关的主题文章: