Suellen drift 4 years back to Quanzhou Florist never sell red roses

Suellen: drift 4 years back to Quanzhou Florist never sell red roses relatives very envy Hualun, can put the interest as a career long ago, Suellen opened a second shop "you shop why male only, do not sell red roses?" "Because I don’t like it!" This dialogue will be staged in his shop every day. Sometimes he politely said: "in fact, a lot of flowers are very beautiful, more beautiful than red roses," but his inner idea is, "you do not love is not love, do not need a reason." There are customers believe that the opening of the florist is rich two generations, he rarely explained. His name is Aaron, 27 years old, was born in an ordinary family in Quanzhou, the family can not give him the ideal support, even at the beginning of the opposition to a male flower shop. He put the florist business was full of sound and colour. Not long ago, opened second flower shop. His family began to accept his work, relatives also admire him, can be regarded as a cause of interest. But only he knows it’s hard. Two days ago, Aaron and we shared his story with flowers. He put down the radio DJ drift born with a good voice. In the spring of 2010, she was a junior at Shandong University’s English Department, and became a local radio late night music show host. 12 at night, he said softly, with the audience. A year later, Quanzhou radio reached out an olive branch and returned to Quanzhou. At night instead of during the day, "living opposite, my character is not the sun, talking is not strong enough, but the morning radio, need to give people positive energy, I will imitate the music of Beijing television famous old white, mcgrady." At that time popular micro-blog, a lot of listening to friends after listening to the program, will give him a micro-blog message, point praise. "But then I just graduated, the comments on the news is not in place, some people began to perceive my childish." "People tend to think that they were so bad in the past, because they are better than they are now. I was like this, and later left, because the radio work literature and art, I can not feel their progress." So, at the age of 24, he said goodbye to someone, decided to drift. Decided to leave, colleagues and friends advised him to leave from Quanzhou for a family’s only son, more difficult to leave. In Beijing, he slept in the basement, when 3 months pastry shop manager, assistant manager of the media have done half. These days, the family still do not know. "When I left Quanzhou, I lied to them, and I told them that the radio station in Quanzhou opened a studio in Beijing. Every month I also send my mother to live on time, so there is no doubt that the family, and to Beijing soon, I have begun to borrow money to live. Fortunately, I have two good friends, and I am now the owner of the flower shop, in my most difficult, they support me. Once, we discuss three do what it is in the WeChat group, invariably think of flower." Suellen in Beijing’s third job is floral apprentice, he studied Huang Yujing, China senior designer. Starting from scratch, only a year, with his understanding and efforts, is the teacher’s right-hand man. Every Valentine’s day, mother’s day, Saint相关的主题文章: