Such as the Swiss master Secret yield from the heart

Such as: the secret secret Swiss master yield from the heart from the heart of the yield (map) paper: such as Rui mage in today’s era, whether or Buddhist monks, can convenient and timely access to the dharma. But why in our life and practice, but also vexation, can not yield from the heart? One of the reasons I think is not that we did not learn, but did not do. We chant a lot after, ask what is the Dharma, all know said: don’t be evil, pursue the public good, to purify their mind is buddha. Thousand million are carried out on the Gatha description. Shakya Muni Buddha slightly teaches also tell us the same thing: good care in the mouth, to purify the body will, you make all evil, the three road net, can like, is immortal humanity. This is the way of practice. We learned a lot, can’t get benefit from the Dharma, not to the Dharma arises very good music confidence, is that we do not have to repair. All of that is nothing but to tell us how to change our body mouth, let us stop evil and purify the heart. The eighty-four thousand Buddha Dharma, we are to cure all primary afflictions troubles. How many people’s heart, the Buddha is how much, to teach us how to jump back to nature. Therefore, the purpose of studying Buddhism must be in accordance with the line in order to get benefits. Personally, where access to a copy of the story, or the good knowledge of theory, as well as common talk, if you feel which to cure my fault is very good, I have to put it down. Yesterday, I opened the "Suodaji Khenpo heart repair eight law", which talked about karma, when Cokawa G Si, a chance to see behind the two heart repair eight fifth Gatha: loss of self interests, and serve him. This is not the same as the current translation. Into seven words is: loss of failure of their own, the interests of his dedication to victory. He was only seen in these two, heart will have confidence, so must get this vow. For a lot of hardships, even when he saw Riwagexi Xia, Xia Riwagexi was venerable is around the tower, he reverently up please asked: "you heard of the Lagrange Tang Bazun heart repair eight song?" She said: "my life is a eight song in heart repair repair. Don’t want to achieve it, if you want to become a Buddha, is this." He immediately knelt down and asked, "can you teach me?" Chazwa G Si said: "you have to keep up with me, I can teach." We think: a heart repair method is just eight simple eight Gatha, why should he a lifetime? In fact, he studied for six years. Six years ah! If you don’t learn anything, you can fix this eight. Suodaji khenpos said: "now people don’t say is six years, six days, he will ask: six days on this?" From which you can know, we in the study of the fault in? As the lotus Yi Master said: at the end of the era of sentient beings, what should be the highest, the most popular and best. But to the actual hard work will not talk about. Honestly, need to learn the Dharma to thinking, to carry out. Because of practice, it must be down to earth their own things, others can only say that inspire your confidence, there is no way to replace you. Wen Sixiu (Figure) no matter what.相关的主题文章: