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Star shareholders have quilt running man overweight Huayi Brothers run away? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor opportunities: onlookers participating expert source: daily daily construction of bull bull market last year on the occasion, the entertainment is also a wave of making the rich, the net worth of star shareholders have jumped. A year later, A stock market and the original "Warren" one died down, the stars can not be an exception. Remember at the beginning of this year, the share price fell sharply, those who support the "running man"? In January this year, William Feng and Angela Baby (Angelababy), Du Chun, Chen He and the "running man" Huayi Brothers Holdings, took out money for the listed companies to support the market. October 20th evening, Huayi Brothers announced the three quarterly report in 2015, at the same time announced the results, but also revealed the stock of these stars will be in the next 3 months, that is, the lifting of the ban in January 21, 2017. However, these stars may not be happy, because the stock has been caught. "The stock in January next year in January this year to ban to run male", Huayi Brothers announced that the controlling shareholder of the company, a subsidiary of Dongyang film Li Chen, William Feng, mighty Angela Baby (Angelababy), Zheng Kai, Du Chun, Chen willing to buy shares in the company from the two market, and agreed to the "Huayi Brothers stock" locked in a year. According to media reports, as of January 21, 2016, the 6 stars have been completed in the stock market to buy the behavior of the two market. Specifically, to buy 342 thousand and 700 shares to buy 351 thousand and 500 shares of Li Chen, William Feng, Angela Baby (Angelababy) by Huang Jingqing stock accounts to buy 265 thousand shares, 272 thousand shares purchased by Zheng Kai Du Chun and Lu Ling stock account; Chen were bought 340 thousand and 200 shares, 292 thousand and 900 shares. Overall, the 6 stars together to buy 1 million 864 thousand and 300 shares, accounting for the total number of Huayi Brothers equity of 0.1343%. October 20th evening, Huayi Brothers disclosed three quarterly reports in 2015. It is worth mentioning that, according to the sale of shares of change information, the 6 stars had previously holdings of shares will be lifted in January 21, 2016. From the number of holdings, the number of holdings of these 6 stars have increased. However, the increase in shares or not from the subsequent holdings, because in April of this year, Huayi Brothers had implemented 10 to 9.991663 shares to send $0.999166 (including tax) dividend dividend. There are 3 months of restricted shares and finally to the lifting of the ban, but the 6 stars are not happy, because they have been fitted with stock. According to the January 21st before the resumption of the exercise price, Huayi Brothers, the closing price is 13.9 yuan. Huayi Brothers share price is 12.38 yuan, according to the stock price before the suspension, the decline of $10.9%. In fact, when Huayi Brothers suffered a sharp decline, the whole of January, the company’s share price fell from the highest 21.38 yuan to a minimum of $12.22. Good help running man even though shares temporarily turn slightly fitted, but the 6 star is not possible on the comeback相关的主题文章: