Squat can be easily lose weight without restriction (video) incubus

Squats do not limit the site you can easily lose weight in the absence of fitness equipment, there is no fitness site you can think of what is the weight loss method? However, Xiao Bian can think of is squat. God for the body is very good, not only can lose weight, but also can achieve the effect of fitness, weight loss fitness method so good you don’t try? First of all, I am speaking about what is the squat, squat, is a kind of exercise, the exercise of the thigh muscles at the same time, will cause a great stimulus to the heart, has obvious effect on improving cardiac function and the ability to adapt. Squat from the main exercises or thigh and lower limb strength, the stock of four muscles, gluteus maximus, waist and other parts will also be involved in force. However, some beginners practice after the squat body is unwell, such as back pain, tenderness, swelling and other symptoms after the neck, even if the shoulder and neck pad sponge pad is also useless. Why? The reason is the main action is not correct, especially due to improper placement of the barbell. Practice: first stand, can put a chair in front of him, or do not put the table directly on the yoga mat above, upright; feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel, toe to the front; the foot can also be divided into a certain angle of about 60 degrees, but keep the squat knees the direction of the line with the direction of the toes. The body slowly squat down, until the size of the legs of the angle is less than 90°, but do not stick to relax, about 70 – 80 degrees can be; and then stand up in front of the thigh to stand up straight. This exercise can not only lose weight every day, but also on the body’s heart function has a very good effect, but also can enhance the strength of the legs, anti-aging. For those who have limited space and do not want to buy other sports equipment baby is better. Note: keep the body upright, can slightly forward, not bow; try not to squat knee over the toes; keep the knee and toes forward, the same direction, can not buckle, not shaking; force to consciously make first force; the whole process cannot keep a constant speed, speed fast. This exercise is very exciting for the heart, the heart is not good, people with high blood pressure before the practice, it is best to consult a doctor, and then practice. For beginners, squat is really a chore, not only make people feel uncomfortable, but also requires a high degree of concentration of attention. However, the squat exercise can exercise almost all parts of the body, including the legs, buttocks, abdomen, heart and lungs. The strength of the heart and lung function will directly affect the consequences of anaerobic exercise, but can not accurately breathe, heart and lung function is no good. The legs of the large muscle groups are in motion, the need for more oxygen to support the work of the muscles, so every time in the inhalation of the depth must be, do not breathe when the breath, slowly and evenly exhaled. Assuming a relatively large weight squats may be squat to midnight, a final action can hold, but only once, otherwise, would constitute a headache, nausea and other symptoms of hypoxia. Squat to the thigh parallel to the ground or slightly lower, if the hip to the ankle joint, the squat is too low, it is not necessary, but also prone to knee and ankle joint injury. When squatting should not be too fast decentralization, put the mother相关的主题文章: