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Freaky hand drove a hand to breastfeed her child (Figure) someone’s woman on September 22nd morning, Jiangbei District of hongqihegou turntable occurred breathtaking scene, a woman driving a car, arms still lie a one year old baby. I saw the driver’s right hand drive, the left hand is holding her child, her mother’s child. Jiangbei Public Security Bureau Traffic and patrol police brigade police detachment of Guanyin Bridge, Yin Ping Hu Kai is a routine inventory of vehicles, far to see a child driving a silver car, so the police immediately signaled the car to pull over. "Open the door to look at the time, I was shocked, is the woman driving a car hand, a hand holding a child in the arms of a year old baby at the breast, but also not wearing a seatbelt, police said. So the police immediately let the driver stop the fire, and the child will be held in the back seat to the relatives. Ms. Chen said the driver, driving through hongqihegou turntable, car slowly because traffic is large, and the child kept crying, the back of the relatives to the mood to appease the child, for fear that the child is hungry, they think of the mood to appease the child feeding. The results were just a hug from relatives in a short time was found by the police. "Don’t think of city vehicle speed slow, his attention, traffic accidents will not occur, sometimes other vehicles caused by the rear end, scraped the accident may cause unexpected serious consequences", illegal acts of the police on duty Ms. Chen was severely criticized, and tell the such irresponsible it is not only a joke on myself and the child’s life, for the safety of passing vehicles will cause great influence. Holding the child in the car, vehicle emergency brake, the child’s body will not only become the driver and the steering wheel between the buffer, and may hit the front of the console, causing fatal injuries; if the airbag, momentum is likely to cause problems in children chest fractures, suffocation and more severe cervical fracture. After the police severely criticized the education, Ms. Chen said he would never make this extremely dangerous driving behavior. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the police did not wear a seat belt Chen driving the illegal conduct of 200 yuan penalty. Jiangbei patrol remind everyone, eleven National Day holiday is coming, all roads will have a larger increase in traffic. A long time in the vehicle inside narrow confined space, easy to cause the child restless, Traffic and patrol police to remind young couples with children travel to visit, with particular attention to the safety of driving, the child crying by the peer who try to comfort, not let negative emotions affect the child’s driving behavior, family conditions should be selected for installation a special seat for children. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: