Singles Day, so to eat Hawthorn sweet first love – Sohu and hamimelon

Singles Day, so to eat Hawthorn sweet first love – Sohu and remember the candied fruit? Bite, wonderful and rising it up ~ and winter street ice red color Tomatoes on sticks, that, in the cold weather is good! The tempting taste comes from Hawthorn fruit. It is not only cute, but also ever-changing, only after a small processing, can be transformed into a delicious jam, fun snacks, delicate drinks, nutrition porridge…… Even as a decorative dishes is the point of an eye! Not only that, love is the highest calcium hawthorn fruit in autumn as a ~ in the kitchen and carry out a hawthorn, it will become a stunning winter delicacy of taste buds! The nutritional value of hawthorn hawthorn? Sour, sweet, tepid, spleen stomach liver, Xiaoshi of the plot, Qi and dissipating blood stasis. There is the clever use of hawthorn and other food and drugs, for the treatment and alleviate various physical discomfort, such as blood lipid, blood circulation, relieve pain, yaoxisuanruan. Hawthorn and hawthorn chrysanthemum with walnut off lumbago; expansion of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure lowering and weight loss; hawthorn Salvia; hawthorn with tangerine peel stagnation and flatulence. Four kinds of people should not eat Hawthorn 1? Three months before pregnancy of pregnant women Hawthorn has the role of blood circulation, stimulate uterine contraction. 2 children in the children’s permanent teeth long time a replacement period will of Hawthorn teeth teeth negative growth. 3 people with low blood lipid Hawthorn has the role of reducing blood lipids, blood lipids are too low to eat Hawthorn will affect health. 4 and not good hawthorn is rich in tannic acid, stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Gastritis, gastric ulcer, esophagitis patients should not eat. Windmill sweetend roll – Hawthorn 750 grams of sugar 220 grams 350 grams of water? Wash clean, remove stalks to nuclear, pulp about 650 grams. In the bread barrel, add water and sugar. Bread machine to start the process of jam, Fruit Hawthorn finished. Put the machine into the wall? Fine jam? Do not stick pan pour some jam, with a scraper scraping, a thin layer of. Put in oven, temperature 100 degrees, bake for 50 minutes to 1 hours. Put a little cool, lift? A sweetend roll angle, slowly stripping tray. ? the whole Chang sweetend roll cut into small squares, and then out of some small decorating mouth. The four corners of the square are cut diagonally by the kitchen scissors. (this in order to make a windmill shape, impatient babies can be ignored, directly baked out, cut fruit with a toothpick inserted into the first tree) a small circle, and then do one by one the windmill sweetend roll small angle into toothpicks, and finally into the middle fixed. At the end of the toothpick into the Straw head.相关的主题文章: