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Silicon Valley to return, he would like to provide diagnostic assistance to doctors by artificial intelligence – Sohu technology missed the brutal growth of China’s Internet ten years, Liu Sheng said, do not want to miss the next ten years. This is the reason he moved from Silicon Valley to domestic entrepreneurship. At the age of 18, Liu Sheng went to the United States, after graduation has created two technology companies. After he sold his company, he went to Harvard Business School and decided to return home after graduation. "The United States is like an adult, 35 years will not change too much, China is a teenager, a year without change is great." In his view, the next ten years, must be driven by technology and sophisticated operations. After a period of time to do the consultation, he has tried two directions of entrepreneurship, and ultimately will be locked in artificial intelligence + medical. In early 2013, he and several like-minded friends founded the artificial intelligence medical imaging company DeepCare, mainly for primary care physicians to provide auxiliary diagnosis. This year, the company won the peak of ten million yuan capital Angel round investment. Liu Shengjian is the inevitable direction of artificial intelligence is the direction of the future, after returning home has been trying to do poineering work. But with the vertical field, he groped for a long time. A girl named Mary met earlier this year, he began to pay attention to health. In August, Mary found a lump in the right chest, go to a hospital in the town after the film finished, the doctor told her that she was not serious. But six months after the right chest began to pain, went to the provincial capital city hospital, she was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer. Six months after surgery, the cancer cells began to move, and the doctor advised her to go to Beijing for treatment. Put all sorts of things together million Mary and her mother came to Beijing. But at this point the cancer has spread to the whole body, no way to do surgery. She took part in a number of clinical trials of new drugs without the doctor’s advice. A month later, because the body of drug testing did not respond by the manufacturers removed. Met Mary when she had just suffered from. "There is no other way, basically waiting for death". Mary’s tragedy touched Liu Sheng, in his view, is the primary hospital medical level low of the tragedy. Breast cancer cure rate is very high in Europe and America, the United States cure rate of more than 90%. However, due to misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, the primary hospitals in China have caused great pressure on patients and health care." Liu Sheng hopes to provide a tool for primary care providers to help them improve their ability. Earlier this year, a large number of research and interviews in the grassroots medical institutions, Liu Sheng learned that the misdiagnosis rate of primary care at least 50%. In addition, the proportion of Chinese pathologists with a population of 1:70000, while the United States is 1:2000. To reach the level of the United States, China may have to spend years." According to the data provided by Liu Sheng, China is only more than ten thousand pathologists, a huge gap, but the demand for early screening of cancer is growing at a rate of 35%~50%. In his view, this huge gap can only be filled by artificial intelligence, computer aided doctors to make judgments, which is the inevitable direction". After the decision to cut the medical industry, he and his companions to discuss a problem: artificial intelligence + medical is not.相关的主题文章: