Sichuan a village on the river ferry to breathtaking cable the bridge – Beijing

Sichuan a village on the river ferry to breathtaking cable the bridge – Beijing, because the bridge was washed away, and around ten kilometres away, the two rivers in Bazhong city Tongjiang County Kou Xiang Dong Ping Cun hundreds of villagers helpless on the cable out of the village of adventure. October 28th, the Chengdu Commercial Daily reported the incident, causing the attention of the relevant departments of Tongjiang county. The afternoon of October 29th, Tongjiang maritime department to ferry pontoon, intends to temporarily solve the difficult problem of villagers travel. At present, the ferry has run. Kou Xiang Tongjiang county two relevant responsible person said, the East Village of newly built bridge plan unchanged, repaired the bridge, will consider retaining pontoon ferry. The latest progress on the river: open the ferry, the children go back to school yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the East Village of iron ferry October 30th has been officially running in the river. The captain 9 meters, 2 meters wide, 12 people at the same time the river ride, the ferryman is local old boatman Li Wanchun, he was Haruki’s Ferry, very familiar with the river. Sitting on the ferry, the villagers Zhong Yinxiu finally breathed a sigh of relief. She told reporters, after the river bridge has been destroyed by flood, the grandson did not go to school, playing at home for a week. After the opening of the ferry, grandson finally return to school. Lianghekou village secretary Liu Xing introduced, in fact, the east village had a ferry, cable bridge repair was canceled. The local government has decided to resume the ferry after the study, a temporary solution to the problem of the villagers travel. Moreover, the ferry related expenses paid by the township, do not charge the villagers shipping costs. The villagers suggested: even built a new bridge, the reservation of cable bridge in October 27th, Liu Xing told Chengdu Daily reporter had said that the local intends to build the bridge drawings, planning well, all links are ready and are bidding stage. "The bridge is nearly 90 meters long, 4.5 meters wide, can be opened to the people in the village, plans 3 million 600 thousand yuan, located in cable bridge river upstream about 150 meters." In October 29th, the villagers representative suggested that although to build bridges, but can do to preserve and rebuild of cable bridge. The reason is that the water diffuse bridge from the surface of the water is not high, if once again encountered the flood, the new bridge will be in danger of being flooded and destroyed. Liu Xing said: as long as it is not catastrophic floods, the bridge structure should not be much problem." If the bridge and cable bridge to repair, "also need to increase about 1000000 of the funds, the money is also to be considered." Therefore, in the face of the villagers suggested no conclusion. But Liu Xing said, will plan to ferry pontoon reservations, in preparation for possible period of want or need. Chengdu daily news intern reporter Zhang Yang original title: temporary ferry shuttle village the proposed bridge相关的主题文章: