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Ping Shenzhen city to carry out the creation of national food safety campaign – Shenzhen channel: original title: Ping to carry out the creation of national food safety city campaign staff on-site promotional materials distributed to residents. Correspondent Wang Yilong photo in October 13th, by the Shenzhen Longgang District food and drug safety office, Ping Street co create a national food safety city and the "food and drug safety management of city management year" focus on promotional activities in the District of Longgang Ping Street Fumin Park, through a variety of activities for the residents to form both practical and effective and food safety knowledge "full of fun spree". Simple and fun, easy to understand the four comic, unique cartoon story…… The food safety knowledge publicity wall site unique attracted many residents of the eye, the food safety law knowledge here becomes the restrictions and fetters, vivid cartoon. How to encounter food rights, how the food safety report, and the life knowledge of food safety, as long as read these wonderful stories and comics will be able to learn to be crystal clear. According to reports, the campaign through the creation of desk, distribution of promotional materials, set up knowledge panels and other forms, on food and drug safety regulations and common sense to the public. Among them, "how to identify the authenticity of the food and drug" has become a hot spot of residents are most concerned about the expert, according to the practical problems raised by the scene, one by one in detail and science, and extensive publicity to the public food and drug safety laws and regulations and related knowledge. "There are a lot of practical laws and regulations in the field of cartoon brochures, so a lot of kids relish." Residents Zhao said, so that food safety publicity activities so that many people benefit from. According to statistics, the event issued a total of more than 10 thousand copies of promotional materials, display interesting knowledge boards of more than 40 pieces, the scene more than 400 people accept their advice, effectively enrich the knowledge of food and drug safety of the general public, to enhance public awareness of food and drug safety, to promote the whole society to form the "food and drug safety, food and drug safety responsibility concerted efforts to make a good atmosphere of positive role. The event, Ping Street relevant responsible person said that food safety is not only related to each person’s life and health, and the existence of the risk, risk diversification and often difficult to control, therefore in the regulatory process must achieve "zero tolerance", insist unremittingly, to resolute attitude, effective measures, powerful together to do the work of food safety, and effectively protect the Ping residents "safety on the tongue". Long Ping Street attaches great importance to food safety work, strengthen the supervision of the key links of food production, distribution and sales, carry out food safety special rectification, the jurisdiction of the food security situation continues to improve, the whole year without major food safety accidents. (Guo Bin Wang Yilong) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Chen Yuzhu)相关的主题文章: