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Shenzhen hospital treated each year more than 100 thousand injury cases — Guangdong channel — original title: Shenzhen hospital treated each year more than 100 thousand injury cases of traffic injuries, drowning, poisoning, falls, Dutch act damage such as violence has become third important health problems. On October 12-13, the national injury intervention pilot summary will be held in Shenzhen, experts and public health fields of domestic provinces and representatives of a total of about 50 of the elderly fall, drowning children, child safety seats and promote children injury intervention national injury prevention pilot project conducted in-depth exchanges. Reporters learned from the meeting, Shenzhen has established China’s only injury monitoring system, the average annual report to collect more than 100 thousand cases of injury, hospitalization injury cases of more than 9 thousand cases. Monitoring shows that falls, traffic injuries, animal injury, occupational injury, drowning, etc., has become an important problem in Shenzhen residents. Injury and violence, including road traffic accident, drowning, poisoning, falls, Dutch act, is facing the world in addition to infectious diseases, non communicable diseases outside the third kinds of important health problems, which killed about 5000000 people worldwide each year. In China, the number of deaths caused by injuries and violence is about 700 thousand people, accounting for about 9% of the total deaths, equivalent to one person every 45 seconds due to injury or violent death. According to reports, injury and violence is the first cause of death in the population aged 1-44 in China, non intentional injury is children over the age of 9 the first death factors, road traffic injuries and sags are the leading causes of disability in children injured. Shenzhen chronic disease prevention and control center, said the relevant person in charge, injury and violence is not an accident, can be prevented. Although this view has not been widely recognized, it has been studied and developed in the field of global public health. At present, some countries have succeeded in reducing the injury death targets, such as the United States, Australia and other developed countries, through legislation, to strengthen law enforcement, in the past 40 years, road traffic injury mortality decreased significantly. Global concern about violence and suicide prevention is driving the development of women’s and children’s violence, as well as the comprehensive development of psychological crisis intervention. 2012, Futian District, Shenzhen City CDC China selected Yantian District and Longgang district as the community elderly intervention pilot project, to carry out comprehensive community intervention work falls in the elderly. Take the lead in chronic disease prevention and control departments, offices and neighborhood committees, property companies, community health service stations and other aspects of joint participation, has carried out falls in elderly people and risk factors for falls in elderly baseline survey, health education, prevention of falls risk factors identification and transformation, to focus on osteoporosis fall set a new object the elderly fall intervention mode of work, the project has benefited the residents of more than 3000 people. According to the assessment survey results show that the elderly population in the pilot areas the incidence of falls and injuries occurrence rate of net decrease of 2.2% and 3.4%, respectively, 15% and 24.43% protection rate. The elderly fall net knowledge score increased by 37%, compared with the elderly, empty nest and live with their children the elderly knowledge score increased significantly. Fall among old people相关的主题文章: