Shen Hong Hong try again 3100 points, above resistance can not be ignored verbal jint

Shen Hong Hong: try 3100 points, above the resistance can not be ignored [investment strategy] try again at the top of the point, the resistance can not be ignored at the end of August stock index rebounded to near the point of 3150, there are signs of weak rebound. The previously mentioned line there is a big pressure, because at the end of August last year started to rebound, eventually blocked by the line, and the emergence of a substantial adjustment at the beginning of this year. The one in line, the psychological pressure should not be overlooked; again yesterday after the new year line, ultimately failed to stand on, with the line gradually down and go flat, the future line is not to judge the important basis of market. The concern is that the short, medium and long all the averages are around 3000, shows the characteristics of healing and adhesion. According to previous market experience, when convergence to the limit may form a new direction. In addition, the situation in the short term, the market has been supported by the three test of the 3050 test, the power to try to start up. Disk shows the stocks to make money effect has increased, but not yet fully. We expect 3100 points above the resistance still can not be ignored, on the one hand, the high point of August is 3140, in addition, the rebound in the first half of the year since the fall of 3150 points, technically with greater resistance. Of course, the current pattern is still shock convergence state trading fast, maintain flexibility is very important. Operating strategy: semi warehouse holdings, to avoid the cumulative increase in large varieties. [] industry analysis of raw milk prices will be the future "Nike" trend we determine the raw milk prices close to the bottom, the next 6 months or even longer, the price decline in the limited space, will be bottoming out, slowly rising, will not rebound sharply. The reasons are: 1, overseas costs are still lower than the domestic cost; 2, the demand side has not significantly improved. Therefore, the downstream manufacturing enterprises, if there is no new policy, milk prices will continue for some time the cost of dividends. In the process of upgrading the sale of dairy products, optimistic about the strong channel, the ability to pass on the cost of leading Erie shares, with strong research and development capabilities, low temperature products have the advantage of bright, three yuan. [buy] Asia Dekor company rating company for 15 years and gradually sort out the original asset stripping, packaging, wheels and other non core business, assets structure optimization significantly. With the stock incentive plan, the company will work closely together, to improve management, renamed "Asia Dekor" company opened a new journey, the future business development prospects Home Furnishing considerable. In the young group after the white, in addition to inherit the family business mission solid, more willing to listen to the voice of the market value of capital, attention, to promote the series of personnel changes, there are a variety of ways such as equity binding performance of the company huge upward flexibility. Maintain the company 16-17 earnings forecast of 0.65 yuan (15 years net profit of non deduction based on the growth of 35%) and 0.88 yuan, corresponding to the current share price of 16-17 PE were 28.8 times and 21.3 times, and improve the future profitability of space to expand Home Furnishing great imagination, the staff continued incentive to look forward to, maintain buy. Proposed to buy energy in the first half of the merger and acquisition of overseas high quality oil and gas resources, to develop a solid downstream sales network of natural gas, we give the price of 16-18.相关的主题文章: