Shanghai park turning tricks who wins a chip to make out passenger in advance (video) cancam

Shanghai park "turning tricks" who wins a chip to make the passenger "call" ahead of the National Day holiday approaching, in order to attract tourists, major parks in Shanghai and the brains of "turning tricks". Sunflower and chrysanthemum contests will be held in National Day autumn flower show this year in Shanghai botanical garden, the main color of unique sunflower and chrysanthemum. Currently, the garden courtyard display area, has planted 14 species, nearly 30 thousand strains of potted chrysanthemum and cut chrysanthemum in Holland. Among them, the "yellow" ping pong "powder" ping pong "pink button" "purple table" and other 4 kinds of native to Japan for the first time to meet with visitors ping pong chrysanthemum. Shanghai botanical garden is also the focus of planting 2000 square metres of sunflower, calliopsis, millet and other ornamental flowers. Among them, there is a rare drunk cloud long, with the opening of this sunflower, will become more and more red from black. There will be more than and 20 varieties of sunflower and tourists meet during the botanical garden of Shanghai Chenshan national day the same specialization of plants. For example, from the flower petals completely degenerated into "Teddy bear", only a single kernel per plant and the green "green angel", a bull spread like fireworks "happy bamboo gun". Chrysanthemum, Shanghai Chen Shan botanical garden stocked with more than 10 thousand square meters of "Persian love" exhibition, the main planting calliopsis and flowers chrysanthemum, with Zinnias, in the National Day period can form a pink orange purple three color composition of the flowers landscape. The outskirts of Forest Park in Binjiang launched the "Binjiang autumn flower", is also the main varieties of calliopsis, chrysanthemum, sunflower, and Zinnia flowers. Odd different fruits and vegetables can also avoid the fall of some parks take charge as chief of the main flower competition "Red Sea", choose a. Century Park is expected this summer planted nearly ten thousand square meters of "red broomsedge" can be changed from green to red, create a red brown ocean". However, due to the high temperature exposure this summer, coupled with the recent from time to time to visit the wind and rain, the park is expected to a large area of "red broomsedge" color, need to wait until late October. Shanghai Chen Shan botanical garden this year also launched various large-scale ornamental Vegetable & Fruit, crane head cucurbit, kangua, Shegua, melon, melon and other winged incense 16 varieties of fruits. Visitors will have the opportunity to encounter the world’s first spicy, Trinidad scorpion pepper. Citrus picking is a feature of Forest Park in Binjiang. Until the end of October, all mature citrus, orange can be built to create a "red lantern" of the forest, from October 15th to open picking. All kinds of garden activities for the party guyigarden this fall with others and competition landscape, and launched the "Shanghai bamboo culture festival". The park from the national bamboo resources to the introduction of highly ornamental value of bamboo varieties. For example: bamboo tablets like tortoise like dragon scales "tortoise shell bamboo leaves; thin green, like the Phoenix" bamboo "; like the Maitreya Buddha belly" Buddha belly bamboo "etc.. This year in the Chinese ancient Yi Ming bamboo, bamboo, etc. Guangdong linen Indocalamus many rare varieties, is the first exhibition in shanghai. The National Day holiday, Guyi garden will also show a 400 years ago the Jiading bamboo pen, in the West Wing in the plum flower hall. In contrast, Gongqing Forest Park this fall is the "fireworks" full. September 26th to October 6th, the Park held the sixteenth urban forest carnival,相关的主题文章: